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TLD typeInternationalized country code top-level domain
RegistryTE Data, InTouch, Vodafone Data and the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) [1]
Intended useEntities connected with  Egypt
Actual useLimited use in Egypt. First site is موقع.وزارة-الاتصالات.مصر
Dispute policiesDispute Resolution
DNS namexn--wgbh1c
Registry website

The Arabic domain name مصر (meaning "Egypt", romanized as masr or misr[2]) is the internationalized country code top-level domain (IDN ccTLD) in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet for Egypt.[3][4] Its ASCII DNS name is xn--wgbh1c, obtained by the Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) transcription method.

The domain was one of the first IDN ccTLDs installed in the DNS on 5 May 2010.[3]

Egypt's traditional ccTLD is eg.

The first website of this top-level domain was a site of the Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. After the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, a website for a referendum was set up using this domain (استفتاء.مصر — literally, referendum[of].egypt).

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