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IndustryVideo games
Founded2005; 17 years ago (2005)
FounderDong Nguyen
Key people
Dong Nguyen
Number of employees
6 (2015)

.Gears (or dotGears) is a Vietnamese video game developer based in Hanoi that specialises in mobile games. The company was founded in 2005 by Dong Nguyen,[1][a] and is best known for developing the 2013 game Flappy Bird, which became popular due to its simple mechanics but high difficulty.[3] As of December 2015, the company employs six people, including Nguyen.[3]

After releasing multiple games that copied the Flappy Bird mechanics, .Gears partnered with Japanese developer Obokaidem, which the developer maintained would be .Gears' only partner "for the foreseeable future".[4] In January 2017, the two companies released their first co-developed game, Ninja Spinki Challenges!!, which is nothing like its previous titles and is composed of different mini-games.[5] It uses different mechanics compared to Flappy Bird but is still considered by critics to be equally difficult.[6][7]

Games developed[edit]


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