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.NET DiscUtils
Developer(s) Kenneth Bell
Initial release December 6, 2008 (2008-12-06)
Stable release
0.10 / December 17, 2011; 4 years ago (2011-12-17)
Development status Active
Written in C#
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform .NET
Available in English
License MIT
Website discutils.codeplex.com

.NET DiscUtils is an open source .NET software library, hosted on Microsoft's CodePlex site for accessing and manipulating virtual disk images. The library is entirely written in C#, making it suitable for use in low privilege environments.

Sample utilities[edit]

A number of utilities for inspecting, converting and modifying virtual disk images are available from the .NET DiscUtils download page. These illustrate how to use the library.

Registry support[edit]

In addition to providing access to file systems within virtual disk images, the library also supports access to registry hives stored on the virtual disk images.

Format support[edit]

.NET DiscUtils supports several disk image formats, partitioning schemes and Windows file systems.

Disk image file formats[edit]

Partition schemes[edit]

File systems[edit]

Note: FAT and FAT32 does not include support for long file names.

Virtual appliance formats[edit]

.NET DiscUtils supports just the Xen Virtual Appliance (XVA) file format.


.NET DiscUtils is known to be included in the Aeon DOS emulator,[1] Sharp IMG Viewer[2] and YANFOE.[3] Citrix XenCenter [4]


Alternative methods can achieve similar results in many cases. VMware provides the Virtual Disk Development Kit (VMware VDDK)[5] for managing VMDK files and Microsoft Windows includes native support for modifying the VHD and registry files.


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