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.O.rang (or 'O'rang) is a band led by Lee Harris and Paul Webb, formerly of Talk Talk. The group's first album, Herd of Instinct (1994), was recorded similarly to Talk Talk's later albums: guest musicians played hours of improvisational material, then the performances were edited down and pieced together. However, in contrast to Talk Talk, the song structures were not planned before being recorded. Paul Webb explained, "it was recorded before it was written."[1] Fields and Waves (1996), after experiencing several false starts, was recorded with more control.[2]

.O.rang's music exhibits more culturally diverse influences than Talk Talk. Webb notes, "We used to be in a reggae band when we were younger . . . The Talk Talk thing was always very Westernised, and we were listening to other kinds of world music."[1]

A newer album (working title: Loudhailer No. 19) was projected for release in 2001, but the album remains unreleased.


  • Herd of Instinct (1994)
  • Spoor EP (1994)
  • Fields and Waves (1996)


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