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CloneCD Control File
Filename extension.ccd
Magic number[CloneCD]
Extended fromINI file

A CloneCD Control File is a text descriptor with the extension .ccd used by CloneCD to mark the properties of a CD/DVD image. These files need to be combined with an image file (usually with .img extension) to be burned. It may also come with a subchannel file (usually .sub).[1][2]

The .ccd extension can be used directly by first-party disc emulator Virtual CloneDrive. It can also be mounted with third-party virtual drives such as Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120%.

The command line Linux application ccd2iso is available to convert ISO9660-compliant CCD/IMG files to an ISO image. The GNU Project's ccd2cue can convert a CCD file to a cue sheet.[3]

The CUE/BIN and MDS/MDF formats have a similar structure to the CCD/IMG format, containing both a raw disc image along with a descriptor file.

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