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Introduced 2014
TLD type top-level domain
Status Available September 2014 [1]
Intended use  Wales and Welsh language
Actual use  Wales and Welsh language
Registration restrictions Unknown
Website Nominet: Cymru - Wales and Our Home Online (Domain for Wales)[1]

.cymru is a top-level domain for Wales put forth by the major British internet registry company Nominet, which has run the top-level domain (TLD) for the UK (.uk) and several second-level domains for the UK, including .co.uk, since 1996.[2] This proposal initially entered into conflict with .cym proposed by the Wales-based, not-for-profit dotCYM organisation for the Welsh language and culture.[3][4] In 2008 dotCYM, dotEUS, dotSCOT and dotBZH formed the European Cultural and Linguistic Domains (ECLID) network.

In June 2014 final go-ahead for the domains was granted by ICANN and a phased launch of the new domains began.[5][6] Initially the new domains will be available to trademark holders with full availability planned for the spring of 2015.

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