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TLD typeGeneric top-level domain (gTLD)
DocumentsICANN registry agreement
Registry websiteRegistry – Google

.dev is a top-level domain name operated by Google.[1] It was proposed in ICANN's new generic top-level domain (gTLD) program, and has become available to the general public on March 1, 2019, with an early access period that began on February 19.[2] To increase the security of the domains, the entire gTLD has been included in the HSTS preload-list. HTTPS is required to connect to a .dev webpage.[3]


The .dev top-level domain is incorporated on the HSTS preload list, requiring HTTPS on all .dev domains without individual HSTS enlistment.[citation needed]


Web developers have been using .dev top-level domains within their internal networks for testing purposes for a long time. However, after Google acquired the TLD, such environments have stopped functioning on some modern web browsers.[4][5]

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