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.id (Indonesia Top Level Domain)
Official logo
Introduced27 February 1993
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryPANDI, Kemkominfo
SponsorIndonesian Internet Domain Name Administrator (PANDI)
Intended useEntities connected with  Indonesia
Actual useVery popular in Indonesia
Registered domains819,465 (2023-11-30)[1]
Registration restrictionsIndonesian presence is no longer required for second-level .id registrations; registrant requirements still apply to third-level registrations under restricted second-level domains, such as .co.id, which requires the registrant to be an Indonesian corporation, or trademark owner, with a physical presence in the country.[2]
StructureRegistrations are made at the second level, or at the third level beneath various second-level labels
Dispute policiespandi.id/regulasi
Registry website

.id is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Indonesia. Since 2007, it is managed by the Indonesian Internet Domain Name Administrator (Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia or PANDI),[3] based on regulation set by Decree of Minister of Communication and Information Technology.

Domain names[edit]

On 11 March 2013, PANDI approved the adoption of a new desa second level domain for Indonesia's 72,944 villages with autonomy for local affairs.[4]

As of 17 August 2014, second-level domain registrations have entered general availability, allowing registrations to be made directly under .id, without a prefix.[5] This brings the total of available extensions to 13:

  • .id—General use
  • ac.idAcademic institutions
  • biz.id—Small and medium commercial entities
  • co.id—Commercial entities
  • desa.id—Villages
  • go.id—Government and governmental system(s)
  • mil.idMilitary
  • my.id—Personal/Blogs
  • net.id—Communication/ISP companies
  • or.id—Formal organizations/Community
  • sch.idSchools
  • web.id—Informal organizations/Personal
  • ponpes.idIslamic Boarding Schools


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