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.ke -- You are Kenyan, are you dot ke?
Introduced 1993
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry KeNIC
Sponsor KeNIC
Intended use Entities connected with  Kenya
Actual use Very Popular in Kenya; Gets some other uses
Registered domains 58,268 (July 17, 2017)[1]
Registration restrictions Registration under some second-level labels requires supporting documents
Structure Registrations are at third level beneath second level subdomain labels
Documents Policies
Dispute policies UDRP
Website KeNIC

.ke is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Kenya.

Second-Level Domains[edit]

Second-level domains, under which domains are registered at the third level, are:

  • .co.ke - for Companies
  • .or.ke - for Not-for-Profit-Making Organisations or NGO's
  • .ne.ke - for Network Devices
  • .go.ke - for Government Entities. Requires Supporting Documents
  • .ac.ke - for Institutions of Higher Education. Requires Supporting Documents
  • .sc.ke - for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning. Requires Supporting Documents
  • .me.ke - for Personal names
  • .mobi.ke - for Mobile content
  • .info.ke - for Information


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