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TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryTelecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC)
SponsorMinistry of Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia
Intended useEntities connected with  Cambodia
Actual useUsed in Cambodia
Registration restrictionsRestricted to Cambodian entities and citizens; "Offensive or inappropriate" names may be refused registration
StructureRegistrations are at the third level beneath second-level labels
Documents.kh Guidelines
Dispute policiesRegistered trade name owners have priority and can challenge conflicting registrations
Registry websitetrc.gov.kh

.kh is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Cambodia. It was formerly administered by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia from 1997. In September 2012, the domain name was transferred to the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia, which currently administers it. The domain name is named after the majority ethnic group of Cambodia, the Khmer people.

Only Cambodia-registered companies, government agency, organization and Cambodian citizens can register domain names.

Second level domains[edit]

  • per.kh - Personal names.
  • com.kh - Commercial entities.
  • edu.kh - Educational institutions.
  • gov.kh - Government entities.
  • mil.kh - Military entities.
  • net.kh - Network infrastructure.
  • org.kh - Non-commercial organizations.

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