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Introduced 1996
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active as of January 2009
Registry Saipan DataCom, Inc.
Sponsor Saipan DataCom, Inc.
Intended use Entities connected with  Northern Mariana Islands
Actual use

Marketed as a domain for sites usable on mobile devices

Sometimes used where MP stands for Member of Parliament
Registration restrictions No registration restrictions; personal sites are hosted on registry's own servers and must be built using the chi.mp system, purchased domains have no restrictions
Structure Registrations are directly at second level; there are a few sites related to the Northern Mariana Islands in third level domains under such second level names as .gov.mp and .org.mp
Documents Registration Agreement; Cancellation and Transfer policy
Dispute policies UDRP Policy



.mp is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Northern Mariana Islands. There are a few sites related to the Northern Mariana Islands in this domain (such as governmental sites under .gov.mp and a few sites in .org.mp and .co.mp). The get.mp site allows users to register and manage .mp domains. The .mp name comes from the ISO 3166 specification for the Northern Mariana Islands.[1]

Registration and hosting[edit]

There are some sites related to the Northern Mariana Islands in third-level domains under .gov.mp, .org.mp, and .co.mp which are not subject to the registry hosting rules, but there is no indication as to if or how any additional names of this sort may be registered.

Official registry site[edit]

The ICANN WHOIS[2] gives two official registry sites, at nic.mp and get.mp. ".mp" domains currently cost $20 per year.[3]


Chi.mp's parent company Saipan DataCom has a long-term contract with the Northern Mariana Islands to run the service chi.mp, a content hub and identity management platform which provides .mp domains and websites. Domains with four or more characters may be purchased for $20. Premium domains under four characters range in price, with two-character domains running $5,000 for a three-year registration. The get.mp site is a bit defunct as the certificate is expired.

As of 2 October 2013 the chi.mp web site is defunct and has been since at least May 2013;[citation needed] however, the get.mp website is still actively promoting it. As of September 2015, get.mp is selling chi.mp for $20,000.00. Old free .mp registrations provided earlier by chi.mp were terminated without a notice.

Notes and references[edit]

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