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Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority logo.png
Introduced22 March 2000
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
Intended useEntities connected with:
Registration restrictions2nd-level registrations unrestricted; 3rd-level registrations may have limitations based on which 2nd-level domain they are within
StructureMay register at second level or beneath generic 2nd-level categories at 3rd level
DocumentsIANA reports: Delegation (2000), Redelegation (2004); ICANN MoU
Dispute policiesDRS Policy
Registry websitepnina.ps

.ps is the Internet country code top-level domain ccTLD officially assigned to the State of Palestine.[1] It is administered by the Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority.[2]

Registrations are processed by certified registrars.

The Internationalized country code top-level domain for the State of Palestine is .فلسطين, which is represented as .xn--ygbi2ammx in Punycode.[2]

On 6 February 2013 the ISO 3166-1 code for the State of Palestine changed to reflect the PS used for the ccTLD.

Second level domains[edit]

Registrations can be made at the second-level as well as at several third-level domain names:[3]

  • .ps: open to anyone (not required to be Palestinian)[4]
  • com.ps, net.ps, org.ps: unrestricted[3]
  • edu.ps: Educational institutions.
  • gov.ps: institutions of the PNA and government.
  • sch.ps: Palestinian schools

Domain hacks[edit]

It has also been used in domain hacks, for example meetu.ps for meetups on the website Meetup, and by the University of Maryland as ter.ps.[5]


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