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Introduced 1997 (active since 1990)
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry NIC.td (run by Société des télécommunications du Tchad)
Sponsor NIC.td and Société des télécommunications du Tchad
Intended use Entities connected with  Chad
Actual use Gets some use in Chad; also gets mainly some other use
Registered domains 919,896 (July 22, 2017)[citation needed]
Registration restrictions Generally None; Local Presence were never required
Structure Registrations are made directly at third level beneath second level domains
Dispute policies UDRP
Registry Website

.td is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Chad (French: Tchad) made available for use in 1997.

It is administered by NIC.TD and Managed by Internet Society of Chad.[citation needed]


As of January 22, 2015, there are 2,000,000 .td domains registered.[citation needed]. Currently in July 2017, these .td websites are popular.[citation needed]

Second-Level Domains[edit]

Registrations are made Directly between Third-level beneath second-level Domains:[1]

  • .agri.td
  • .arc.td
  • .com.td
  • .cons.td
  • .des.td
  • .edu.td
  • .gouv.td
  • .hal.td
  • .info.td
  • .inst.td
  • .lib.td
  • .list.td
  • .lpc.td
  • .ltd.td
  • .nat.td
  • .net.td
  • .ngo.td
  • .ordr.td
  • .org.td
  • .ppe.td
  • .presid.td
  • .rec.td
  • .sante.td
  • .sea.td
  • .search.td
  • .spc.td
  • .spg.td
  • .store.td
  • .ten.td
  • .tourism.td

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  1. ^ "Domain Name Policy for .td" (PDF). Service Gestion des Noms de Domaine. Retrieved 21 July 2017.

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