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Introduced11 September 1995
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryInternet Office of the Holy See
SponsorHoly See Secretariat of State
Intended useEntities connected with   Vatican City
Actual useUsed for the official Vatican / Holy See site
Registration restrictionsNo public registrations are available
StructureOnly official sites of the Vatican are in this domain; they are at second-level names, as well as within vatican.va
Dispute policiesNone needed since registrations are unavailable outside Vatican administration
Registry websitewww.vatican.va

.va is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the State of the Vatican City.[1] It is administered by the Internet Office of the Holy See.[2]


The .va top-level domain was created in 1995[3] by the Archbishop John Patrick Foley of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.[4] The website Vatican.va went live on Christmas day of 1995.[5]


Second-level domains are not available to the public.

Name and email servers within the .va namespace include john.vatican.va (DNS and email), michael.vatican.va (DNS), paul.vatican.va (email), lists.vatican.va (email), and vatiradio.va (email).


There are 23 easily found names starting with "www" in the va zone, listed below. There are many more subdomains for email only[6]

"www" names with websites

  • Vatican Main Website is pointed to by these names: www.va - www.vatican.va - www.pcf.va - www.news.va
  • Vatican State Government: www.vaticanstate.va
  • Landing page for the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano: www.osservatoreromano.va
  • Vatican Museums: www.museivaticani.va - www.cappellasistina.va - www.chapellesixtine.va - www.capillasixtina.va - www.sistinechapel.va - www.sixtinischekapelle.va
  • Apostolic Penitentiary: www.paenitentiaria.va www.penitenzieria.va
  • Pontifical Mission Societies: www.ppoomm.va
  • Parish Church of Sant'Anna dei Palafrenieri in the Vatican: www.santanna.va
  • Istituto per le Opere di Religione: www.ior.va
  • Photo Ordering Site: www.photo.va
  • "Portale Catholica Di Test Accesso ai servizi intranet" - Java driven portal of sorts: www.catholica.va
  • Radio Vatican: www.radiovaticana.va

Non-"www" names with websites:

  • Main Vatican Website: benedettoxvi.va - benedictumxvi.va - search.vatican.va - seraphin.vatican.va
  • Vatican Archives: asv.vatican.va
  • Mailing Lists (Mailman): mlists.vatican.va
  • Vatican Museums: mv.vatican.va - sistinechapel.va
  • Vatican Library: bav.vatican.va
  • "Compendium" (Username/Password required): isidoro.vatican.va
  • Vatican Webmail (note: SSL issued by same CA as for www.photo.va with CN of "Luigi Salimbeni") (Username/Password required): webmail.mailservice.va
  • Radio Vatican language services (various two-letter language codes)

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