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Introduced Not officially introduced
TLD type Proposed top-level domain
Status Official proposal
Registry Determined
Sponsor Determined
Intended use See article
Actual use Not in use yet
Registration restrictions punkt.wien
Structure punkt.wien GmbH
Dispute policies UDRP
Website nic.wien

.wien is a proposed new top level domain (TLD) for all those who want to demonstrate an economic, cultural, touristical, historical, social or any other connection to the Austrian capital WIEN - Vienna, Austria.

Along with TLDs such as .cat, .asia and .eu, .wien and other proposed TLDs fall into the new category of GeoTLDs. The issue of new top level domains in general and .wien in particular has been discussed at various ICANN-Meetings since 2005.

punkt.wien GmbH[edit]

In May 2012, punkt.wien GmbH has – fully supported by Vienna Government/Administration - applied for .wien at ICANN’s new gTLD program. A rationale offered by proponents of the .wien-proposal is as follows:

The .wien top level domain is designed to serve the needs of the community of the City of Wien (English: Vienna) on the Internet by its own TLD. The local .wien domain names which become available with this TLD are concise and create a unique and individual identity for citizens, companies and institutions. Those providing and looking for information, goods and services in Vienna can thus intuitively come together. The .wien domain names strengthen the feeling of community amongst citizens and visitors of Wien, improve communication and make interaction easier, thus providing a stimulus for innovation and development. Both for citizens and for non-citizens the City of Wien becomes more attractive as a place to visit, as a commercial location and as a place to live.

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