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01net.com is a French Website which discusses IT and new technology. According to Alexa.com, It is the 116th most visited site in France 2011[1] The website features downloading, computer lessons, products and tips. The first domain name was www.telecharger.com.


This website is one of the Groupe 01 which treats of the technologie sector as a whole.[citation needed]

This website is divided into a several categories: News, Comparesons and test, Games, Tips, Video and telecharger.com and 01net compagny. Since two years, the reporter of the Group 01 use different media. All the reporter is mutualizes around the website and in the other press group titles as 01 Business And Technology, 01net which are grouped in Kiosque01 Division.

The publication director is Vincent Buffin (2011).[citation needed]

Managing Editor public is Derouet Thierry (2010).[citation needed]

The editor is Cointot Laurent (2010).[citation needed]


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