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1/4 inch Akai
Akai X-5000VT 1/4 inch VTR at DC Video
Media type Magnetic tape
Read mechanism Helical scan
Write mechanism Helical scan
Standard Interlaced video
Developed by Akai
Usage Home movies

1/4 inch Akai is a portable Helical scan EIA and CCIR analog recording VTR. Akai 1/4 inch VTR had two video record heads on the scanner. The units had an optional RF modulator to play back to a TV set as well as a detachable Video monitor. Akai Electric Ltd. VTR plant was in Tokyo, Japan.

Early B&W models[edit]

  • Akai model # VTS-100 came out in 1967 it was a B&W portable VTR with a one tube camera.
  • The next models VTS-110 and VTS-120 had much the same specs:
    • S/N >40 db
    • Playback about 200-lines of Image resolution
    • Capstan Tape speed (EIA) 11.25 inches a second (20 min reel) / (CCIR) 23.85 cm/s (24 min reel)
    • VTR Weight 11 lb.

Camera Specs:

In fact Akai produce two kinds of black and white VTR using 1/4 inches tape. Portables with open reel of 13 cm diameter (VT100/110/120) and only one stationary model with 21 cm open reel called VT700. The model shown here X500VT was sold only in Japan and USA in very few quantity.

Color model[edit]

VTR Specs:

Camera Specs:

  • Camera NTSC, PAL and SECAM:
    • S/N >40 db
    • One 2/3" Vidicon
    • One Chroma Tube, an Akai dissector tube
    • 1.5" VF - Viewfinder
    • Lens: 6x - (1.5 to 75mm)
    • 300-lines of resolution
    • To use without the VTR, CCU-150 powered the camera with 12v DC.
    • CCU-150 had the RF output and Genlock sync in.
    • Weight 5.76 lb.
    • Size 3.5"x9.3"x13.2"
    • Microphone audio, 600 ohms

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