10,000 Anos Depois Entre Venus e Marte

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10.000 Anos Depois Entre Venus E Marte
10,000 Anos Depois Entre Venus E Marte.jpg
Studio album by
Released15 May 1978
GenreSymphonic rock
Progressive rock
ProducerJosé Cid
José Cid chronology
Vida (Sons do Quotidiano)
10.000 Anos Depois Entre Venus E Marte
Coisas Suas
Professional ratings
Review scores
Hippy4.5/5 stars[1]

10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e Marte (In English: 10,000 Years Later Between Venus and Mars), is a progressive rock album, by Portuguese musician José Cid, released on 15 May 1978. It is a spacey rock opera trip into outer space, dominated by Mellotron, string synth, and other synthesizers, with supporting use of guitars, bass, and drums.


The album is consistently featured in www.progarchives.com among the top five progressive rock albums of 1978, and considered "Essential: a masterpiece of progressive rock music".[2] Based on the growing science fiction trend, the concept for the album was that, 10.000 years after mankind's self-destruction, a man and a woman travelling in space return to Earth to repopulate it. The tone of the lyrics is of contemplation over mankind's past mistakes and future hopes. Cid's musical style on the record is very similar to the French take on symphonic rock with lots of string synths, Mellotron and a very simple melodic style. Lyrics are sung in native Portuguese. Most of the songs, influenced by a sort of mix combining The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd psychedelia, were composed by Cid, some of them with the help of guitar player Mike Sergeant and drummer Ramon Galarza.

At long last, in April 2014, José Cid presented and performed live the entire album, satisfying many requests of fans.

Other similar work by José Cid[edit]

Cid explored symphonic rock with "Onde, Quando, Como, Porquê, Cantamos Pessoas Vivas" (1974), Vida – Sons do Quotidiano (1976) and 10,000 Anos Depois Entre Venus E Marte (1978).

Another project from the album epoch and musicians, Cid's Vozes do Além, explored the "Life after Death / Reincarnation" theme. Featured in the record are a poem by Natália Correia ("Creio") and two from Sofia de Mello Breyner ("Quando" and "Um Dia"). Presently, work on this album has resumed, with the original lineup and the addition of younger musicians.

Track listing[edit]

1."O Último Dia na Terra" (José Cid)4:21
2."O Caos" (Manuel Lamas/Mike Sergeant)6:00
3."Fuga para o Espaço" (José Cid)8:10
4."Mellotron, o Planeta Fantástico" (José Cid)6:43
5."10000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e Marte" (José Cid/Zé Nabo)6:05
6."A Partir do Zero" (Ramon Galarza/José Cid)4:43
7."Memos" (José Cid)2:07



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