10,000 metres

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10,000 metres
Mens 10000m final sydney olympics 2000.jpg
10,000 metres at Sydney 2000.
Men's records
World  Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) 26:17.53 (2005)
Olympic  Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) 27:01.17 (2008)
Women's records
World  Wang Junxia (CHN) 29:31.78 (1993)
Olympic  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH) 29:54.66 (2008)

The 10,000 metres or 10,000-meter run is a common long-distance track running event. The event is part of the athletics programme at the Olympic Games and the World Championships in Athletics and is common at championship level events. It is less commonly held at track and field meetings, due to its duration. The 10,000 metres track race is usually distinguished from its road running counterpart, the 10K run, by the referring to the distance in metres, rather than kilometres.

The 10,000 metres is the longest standard track event. The international distance is equal to approximately 6.2137 miles (or, approximately 32,808.4 feet). Most of those running such races also compete in road races and cross country events.

Taisto Mäki breaks the 30-minute barrier in 1939.

Added to the Olympic program in 1912, athletes from Finland, nicknamed the "Flying Finns", dominated the event until the late 1940s. In the 1960s, African runners began to come to the fore.[1] In 1988, the women's competition debuted in the Olympic Games.

Official records are kept for outdoor 10,000 metres track events.[2] The world record for men is held by Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia in 26:17.53, posted at Brussels, Belgium on August 26, 2005. For women, the world track 10,000 metres record is held by Wang Junxia of China in 29:31.78 on September 8, 1993.

The 10,000 metres demands exceptional levels of aerobic endurance, and elite athletes typically train in excess of 160 km (100 miles) a week.[citation needed]

All-time top 25[edit]


Kenenisa Bekele (right), the current 10,000 m world record holder.

(Updated May 2014)[2]

Pos Time Athlete Venue Date
1 26:17.53  Kenenisa Bekele (ETH) Brussels August 26, 2005
2 26:22.75  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH) Hengelo June 1, 1998
3 26:27.85  Paul Tergat (KEN) Brussels August 22, 1997
4 26:30.03  Nicholas Kemboi (KEN) Brussels September 5, 2003
5 26:30.74  Abebe Dinkesa (ETH) Hengelo May 29, 2005
6 26:35.63  Micah Kogo (KEN) Brussels August 25, 2006
7 26:36.26  Paul Koech (KEN) Brussels August 22, 1997
8 26:37.25  Zersenay Tadese (ERI) Brussels August 25, 2006
9 26:38.08  Salah Hissou (MAR) Brussels August 23, 1996
10 26:38.76  Abdullah Ahmad Hassan (QAT) Brussels September 5, 2003
11 26:39.69  Sileshi Sihine (ETH) Hengelo May 31, 2004
12 26:39.77  Boniface Kiprop Toroitich (UGA) Brussels August 26, 2005
13 26:41.75  Samuel Wanjiru (KEN) Brussels August 26, 2005
14 26:43.98  Lucas Kimeli Rotich (KEN) Brussels September 7, 2011
15 26:44.36  Galen Rupp (USA) Eugene May 30, 2014
16 26:46.57  Mo Farah (GBR) Eugene June 3, 2011
17 26:48.35  Imane Merga (ETH) Eugene June 3, 2011
18 26:48.99  Josphat Bett Kipkoech (KEN) Eugene June 3, 2011
19 26:49.02  Eliud Kipchoge (KEN) Hengelo May 26, 2007
20 26:49.20  Moses Ndiema Masai (KEN) Brussels September 14, 2007
21 26:49.38  Sammy Kipketer (KEN) Brussels August 30, 2002
22 26:49.41  Paul Kipngetich Tanui (KEN) Eugene May 30, 2014
23 26:49.55  Moses Mosop (KEN) Hengelo May 26, 2007
24 26:49.90  Assefa Mezgebu (ETH) Brussels August 30, 2002
25 26:50.20  Richard Limo (KEN) Brussels August 30, 2002


(Updated August 2012)[3]

Pos. Time Athlete Venue Date
1 29:31.78  Wang Junxia (CHN) Beijing September 8, 1993
2 29:53.80  Meselech Melkamu (ETH) Utrecht June 14, 2009
3 29:54.66  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH) Beijing August 15, 2008
4 29:56.34  Elvan Abeylegesse (TUR) Beijing August 15, 2008
5 29.59.20  Meseret Defar (ETH) Birmingham July 11, 2009
6 30:01.09  Paula Radcliffe (GBR) Munich August 6, 2002
7 30:04.18  Berhane Adere (ETH) Paris, Saint-Denis August 23, 2003
8 30:07.15  Werknesh Kidane (ETH) Paris, Saint-Denis August 23, 2003
9 30:07.20  Sun Yingjie (CHN) Paris, Saint-Denis August 23, 2003
10 30:11.53  Florence Jebet Kiplagat (KEN) Utrecht June 14, 2009
11 30:11.87  Wude Ayalew (ETH) Utrecht June 14, 2009
12 30:12.53  Lornah Kiplagat (NED) Paris, Saint-Denis August 23, 2003
13 30:13.37  Zhong Huandi (CHN) Beijing September 8, 1993
14 30:13.74  Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR) Oslo July 5, 1986
15 30:17.49  Derartu Tulu (ETH) Sydney September 30, 2000
16 30:18.39  Ejegayehu Dibaba (ETH) Sollentuna June 28, 2005
17 30:22.22  Shalane Flanagan (USA) Beijing August 15, 2008
18 30:22.48  Gete Wami (ETH) Sydney September 30, 2000
19 30:22.88  Fernanda Ribeiro (POR) Sydney September 30, 2000
20 30:23.07  Alla Zhilyaeva (RUS) Paris, Saint-Denis August 23, 2003
21 30:24.36  Xing Huina (CHN) Athens August 27, 2004
22 30:26.20  Galina Bogomolova (RUS) Paris, Saint-Denis August 23, 2003
23 30:26.37  Sally Jepkosgei Kipyego (KEN) London August 3, 2012
24 30:26.50  Linet Chepkwemoi Masai (KEN) Beijing August 15, 2008
25 30:26.70  Belaynesh Oljira (ETH) Eugene June 1, 2012

Olympic medalists[edit]


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1912 Stockholm
 Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN)  Lewis Tewanima (USA)  Albin Stenroos (FIN)
1920 Antwerp
 Paavo Nurmi (FIN)  Joseph Guillemot (FRA)  James Wilson (GBR)
1924 Paris
 Ville Ritola (FIN)  Edvin Wide (SWE)  Eero Berg (FIN)
1928 Amsterdam
 Paavo Nurmi (FIN)  Ville Ritola (FIN)  Edvin Wide (SWE)
1932 Los Angeles
 Janusz Kusociński (POL)  Volmari Iso-Hollo (FIN)  Lasse Virtanen (FIN)
1936 Berlin
 Ilmari Salminen (FIN)  Arvo Askola (FIN)  Volmari Iso-Hollo (FIN)
1948 London
 Emil Zátopek (TCH)  Alain Mimoun (FRA)  Bertil Albertsson (SWE)
1952 Helsinki
 Emil Zátopek (TCH)  Alain Mimoun (FRA)  Aleksandr Anufriyev (URS)
1956 Melbourne
 Vladimir Kuts (URS)  József Kovács (HUN)  Al Lawrence (AUS)
1960 Rome
 Pyotr Bolotnikov (URS)  Hans Grodotzki (EUA)  Dave Power (AUS)
1964 Tokyo
 Billy Mills (USA)  Mohammed Gammoudi (TUN)  Ron Clarke (AUS)
1968 Mexico City
 Naftali Temu (KEN)  Mamo Wolde (ETH)  Mohammed Gammoudi (TUN)
1972 Munich
 Lasse Virén (FIN)  Emiel Puttemans (BEL)  Miruts Yifter (ETH)
1976 Montreal
 Lasse Virén (FIN)  Carlos Lopes (POR)  Brendan Foster (GBR)
1980 Moscow
 Miruts Yifter (ETH)  Kaarlo Maaninka (FIN)  Mohamed Kedir (ETH)
1984 Los Angeles
 Alberto Cova (ITA)  Mike McLeod (GBR)  Michael Musyoki (KEN)
1988 Seoul
 Brahim Boutayeb (MAR)  Salvatore Antibo (ITA)  Kipkemboi Kimeli (KEN)
1992 Barcelona
 Khalid Skah (MAR)  Richard Chelimo (KEN)  Addis Abebe (ETH)
1996 Atlanta
 Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)  Paul Tergat (KEN)  Saleh Hissou (MAR)
2000 Sydney
 Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)  Paul Tergat (KEN)  Assefa Mezgebu (ETH)
2004 Athens
 Kenenisa Bekele (ETH)  Sileshi Sihine (ETH)  Zersenay Tadese (ERI)
2008 Beijing
 Kenenisa Bekele (ETH)  Sileshi Sihine (ETH)  Micah Kogo (KEN)
2012 London
 Mo Farah (GBR)  Galen Rupp (USA)  Tariku Bekele (ETH)


Games Gold Silver Bronze
1988 Seoul
 Olga Bondarenko (URS)  Liz McColgan (GBR)  Yelena Zhupiyeva-Vyazova (URS)
1992 Barcelona
 Derartu Tulu (ETH)  Elana Meyer (RSA)  Lynn Jennings (USA)
1996 Atlanta
 Fernanda Ribeiro (POR)  Wang Junxia (CHN)  Gete Wami (ETH)
2000 Sydney
 Derartu Tulu (ETH)  Gete Wami (ETH)  Fernanda Ribeiro (POR)
2004 Athens
 Xing Huina (CHN)  Ejagayehu Dibaba (ETH)  Derartu Tulu (ETH)
2008 Beijing
 Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH)  Elvan Abeylegesse (TUR)  Shalane Flanagan (USA)
2012 London
 Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH)  Sally Kipyego (KEN)  Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN)

World Championships medalists[edit]


Championship Gold Silver Bronze
1983 Helsinki  Alberto Cova (ITA)  Werner Schildhauer (GDR)  Hansjörg Kunze (GDR)
1987 Rome  Paul Kipkoech (KEN)  Francesco Panetta (ITA)  Hansjörg Kunze (GDR)
1991 Tokyo  Moses Tanui (KEN)  Richard Chelimo (KEN)  Khalid Skah (MAR)
1993 Stuttgart  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)  Moses Tanui (KEN)  Richard Chelimo (KEN)
1995 Gothenburg  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)  Khalid Skah (MAR)  Paul Tergat (KEN)
1997 Athens  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)  Paul Tergat (KEN)  Salah Hissou (MAR)
1999 Seville  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)  Paul Tergat (KEN)  Assefa Mezgebu (ETH)
2001 Edmonton  Charles Kamathi (KEN)  Assefa Mezgebu (ETH)  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)
2003 Paris  Kenenisa Bekele (ETH)  Haile Gebrselassie (ETH)  Sileshi Sihine (ETH)
2005 Helsinki  Kenenisa Bekele (ETH)  Sileshi Sihine (ETH)  Moses Mosop (KEN)
2007 Osaka  Kenenisa Bekele (ETH)  Sileshi Sihine (ETH)  Martin Mathathi (KEN)
2009 Berlin  Kenenisa Bekele (ETH)  Zersenay Tadese (ERI)  Moses Ndiema Masai (KEN)
2011 Daegu  Ibrahim Jeilan (ETH)  Mo Farah (GBR)  Imane Merga (ETH)
2013 Moscow  Mo Farah (GBR)  Ibrahim Jeilan (ETH)  Paul Tanui (KEN)
2015 Beijing  Mo Farah (GBR)  Geoffrey Kipsang (KEN)  Paul Tanui (KEN)


Championship Gold Silver Bronze
1987 Rome  Ingrid Kristiansen (NOR)  Yelena Zhupiyeva (URS)  Kathrin Ullrich (GDR)
1991 Tokyo  Liz McColgan (GBR)  Zhong Huandi (CHN)  Wang Xiuting (CHN)
1993 Stuttgart  Wang Junxia (CHN)  Zhong Huandi (CHN)  Sally Barsosio (KEN)
1995 Gothenburg  Fernanda Ribeiro (POR)  Derartu Tulu (ETH)  Tegla Loroupe (KEN)
1997 Athens  Sally Barsosio (KEN)  Fernanda Ribeiro (POR)  Masako Chiba (JPN)
1999 Seville  Gete Wami (ETH)  Paula Radcliffe (GBR)  Tegla Loroupe (KEN)
2001 Edmonton  Derartu Tulu (ETH)  Berhane Adere (ETH)  Gete Wami (ETH)
2003 Paris  Berhane Adere (ETH)  Werknesh Kidane (ETH)  Sun Yingjie (CHN)
2005 Helsinki  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH)  Berhane Adere (ETH)  Ejegayehu Dibaba (ETH)
2007 Osaka  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH)  Elvan Abeylegesse (TUR)  Kara Goucher (USA)
2009 Berlin  Linet Masai (KEN)  Meselech Melkamu (ETH)  Wude Ayalew (ETH)
2011 Daegu  Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN)  Sally Kipyego (KEN)  Linet Masai (KEN)
2013 Moscow  Tirunesh Dibaba (ETH)  Gladys Cherono (KEN)  Belaynesh Oljira (ETH)
2015 Beijing  Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN)  Gelete Burka (ETH)  Emily Infeld (USA)

Season's bests[edit]

(As of 13 November 2015)[2][3]



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