10.5 cm leFH 16

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10.5 cm leichte Feldhaubitze 16
10.5 cm leFH 16 LeftSide1921.jpg
A captured leFH 16 in the United States, July 1921
TypeField howitzer
Place of originGerman Empire
Service history
In service1916–45
Used byGerman Empire
Nazi Germany
WarsWorld War I
World War II
Production history
VariantsleFH 16 n.A
WeightTravel: 2,870 kg (6,330 lb)
Combat: 1,525 kg (3,362 lb)
Length5.000 m (16 ft 4.9 in)
Barrel length2.310 m (7 ft 6.9 in) L/22
Width1.650 m (5 ft 5.0 in)
Height1.650 m (5 ft 5.0 in)

Shellcased separate-loading
(5 charges) 105 x 155mm R[1]
Shell weight14.81 kg (32.7 lb) (HE)
14.25 kg (31.4 lb) (AP)
Caliber105 mm (4.1 in)
Breechhorizontal sliding-block
Carriagebox trail
Elevation-10° to +40°
Rate of fire6-8 rpm
Muzzle velocity395 m/s (1,300 ft/s)
Maximum firing range9,225 m (10,089 yd)
Filling weight1.38 kg (3.0 lb)

The 10.5 cm leichte Feldhaubitze 16 (10.5 cm leFH 16) was a field howitzer used by Germany in World War I and World War II.


The 10.5 cm leichte Feldhaubitze 16 was introduced in 1916 as a successor to 10.5 cm Feldhaubitze 98/09, featuring a longer barrel and hence longer range. It had the same carriage as the 7.7 cm FK 16.

Post war[edit]

The Treaty of Versailles limited the Reichswehr to only 84 light field howitzers, with 800 rounds of ammunition per gun.[2] The leFH 16 remained the standard German howitzer until 1937, when the 10.5 cm leFH 18 began to replace them in the artillery battalions.[3] Guns turned over to Belgium as reparations after World War I were taken into German Army service after the conquest of Belgium as the 10.5 cm leFH 327 (b).



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