1001 Crystal Mazes Collection

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1001 Crystal Mazes Collection
1001CrystalMazesCollection CoverArt.jpg
Platform(s)Nintendo DSi (DSiWare)
  • NA: May 3, 2010
  • EU: December 10, 2010

1001 Crystal Mazes Collection is a logic puzzle game developed by Teyon for the Nintendo DSiWare. It was available in the Nintendo DSi Shop for 500 Nintendo DSi Points.[1]


A gameplay screenshot of 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection presenting the gameplay.

1001 Crystal Mazes Collection is a jewel logic game in which a player pushes colorful crystals around a maze to their target destinations. The game gets more challenging with each level.

The player can choose from 1001 mazes. There is a coin with an image of a girl or a boy that shows a player's current position and can be moved using both a directional pad and a stylus (by touching arrows visible on the touchscreen). The player can push a crystal in front of them when they move. Only one element can be moved at a time and the positions of the walls cannot be changed. When a crystal is pushed in a corner or two of them are aligned next to each other alongside a wall, they can no longer be moved which causes the player to lose.[2]

The number of crystals visible on the screen is different in each maze. The simplest ones contain 3-4 elements, while in the most difficult mazes players have to move over 30 crystals.


1001 Crystal Mazes Collection received an overall score of 7/10 from IGN[3] and a four out of ten stars from Nintendo Life.[4]

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