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The Baiyue (Mandarin: 臺灣百岳; Pīnyīn: Táiwān bǎiyuè) is a list of one hundred mountain peaks in Taiwan. They were chosen by a group of prominent Taiwanese hikers from mountain peaks known at the time to be over 3,000 meters in height.[a] The selection criteria included uniqueness, danger, height, beauty and prominence. Preference was also given to peaks already named and those with triangulation points.[1][2] As such, "Top" does not refer strictly to the highest peaks by elevation, but rather peaks most worth hiking. The list was intended to promote enthusiasm for high-altitude hiking in Taiwan.[3] In the resulting list of one hundred peaks, 69 peaks were in the Central Mountain Range, the largest of Taiwan's five principal mountain ranges, while 19 were in the Xueshan Range, and 12 were in the Yushan Range.[4] The Alishan Range and Coastal Mountain Range, being below 3,000m, have no peaks in the list of Baiyue.


Taiwan has one of the highest densities of tall mountains in the world.[citation needed] To promote mountain hiking, the Taiwan Alpine Association began developing a list of top 100 peaks for Taiwan. Wen-An Lin, after a 1971 crossing of the Central Mountain Range, set about drawing up the list. After extensive consultation with Ching-Chang Tsai, Tian-Cheng Hsing, Tung-San Ting and other prominent hikers of the day, the list of Baiyue was finalized.[1]

Upon completion of the list, hiking the Baiyue immediately became one of the primary goals of avid hikers in Taiwan.[1][2][5][6][7] Finishing the Baiyue is no easy task, however. For aspiring Baiyue hikers, the Five Greats, Three Spires, and One Ogre (Hanzi: 五嶽三尖一奇), whose unique beauty best represents the grandeur of Taiwan's high mountains, became a popular starting point. Other popular sets of peaks include the Harsh Ten and Four Beauties (Hanzi: 十峻四秀). Many begin with the more easily accessible peaks in the Hehuanshan area.

There are actually over 260 mountain peaks over 3,000 meters in Taiwan, many of which were not listed in the Baiyue, but nonetheless impressive. Therefore, some criticism remains over the inclusion of certain mountain peaks on the list, and the exclusion of others, such as Chushan in the Dongjunshan Chain, and Mutelebushan near Xueshan's North Peak. Some have argued that these peaks should be in the Baiyue, while peaks such as Jupenshan, Lushan, Nanhubeishan, Shenmazhenshan, Jianshan, and Bulakesangshan, should be taken off the list. Also, when resurveying was carried out long after the Baiyue list was completed, it was found that Liushunshan and Lushan were under 3,000m. However, as the Baiyue already enjoyed such widespread acceptance, they were not removed from the list and remain there to this day.

Complete listing of Baiyue[edit]

The following is a complete listing of the 100 Taiwanese mountain peaks commonly known as the Baiyue:

Mountain Peak

Difficulty Location National park
located in
List Pictures
1 Yushan[i] (玉山) 3952 m
12966 ft
A Nantou County, Kaohsiung City, Chiayi County Yushan Five Greats #1[b]
Three Highs #1[c]
Yushan(jade mountain) in the morning.jpg
2 Xueshan[ii] (雪山) 3886 m
12749 ft
A Miaoli County, Taichung City Shei-Pa Five Greats #2[b]
Three Highs #2[c]
3 Yushan East Peak (玉山東峰) 3869 m
12694 ft
C+ Nantou County, Kaohsiung City Yushan Harsh Ten #1[d] JadeMountainEasternPeak.jpg
4 Yushan North Peak (玉山北峰) 3858 m
12657 ft
B Nantou County Yushan Eight Beauties #1[e]
5 Yushan South Peak (玉山南峰) 3844 m
12612 ft
C+ Kaohsiung City Yushan Harsh Ten #2[d] JadeMountainSouthernPeak.jpg
6 Xiuguluanshan[iii] (秀姑巒山) 3825 m
12549 ft
B Hualien County, Nantou County Yushan Five Greats #3[b] Siougulan.JPG
7 Mabolasishan[iv] (馬博拉斯山) 3785 m
12418 ft
C+ Hualien County, Nantou County Yushan Harsh Ten #3[d]
8 Nanhudashan (南湖大山) 3742 m
12277 ft
B Taichung City Taroko Five Greats #4[b] NanhuMountain 02.jpg
9 Dongxiaonanshan (東小南山) 3711 m
12175 ft
C Kaohsiung City Yushan Flat Nine #1[f] Dongxiaonanshan.JPG
10 Central Range Point (中央尖山) 3705 m
12156 ft
C+ Taichung City, Hualien County Taroko Three Spires #1[g] Zhongyangjianshan.JPG
11 Xueshan North Peak[v] (雪山北峰) 3703 m
12149 ft
C+ Miaoli County, Taichung City Shei-Pa Gentle Ten #2[h] HsuehMountainNorthenPeak.jpg
12 Guanshan[vi] (關山) 3668 m
12034 ft
C Taitung County, Kaohsiung City Yushan Harsh Ten #4[d]
13 Dashuikushan (大水堀山) 3642 m
11949 ft
B Hualien County, Nantou County Yushan Gentle Ten #1[h]
14 Nanhushan East Peak[vii] (南湖大山東峰) 3632 m
11916 ft
B Taichung City, Hualien County, Yilan County Taroko Rocky Ten #1[i]
15 Dongjundashan[viii] (東郡大山) 3619 m
11873 ft
C+ Nantou County Majestic Ten #1[j]
16 Qilaishan North Peak (奇萊山北峰) 3607 m
11834 ft
B Hualien County Taroko Harsh Ten #5[d]
One Ogre[k]
17 Xiangyangshan[ix] 3603 m
11821 ft
A Kaohsiung City, Taitung County Yushan Eight Beauties #2[e]
18 Dajianshan[x] 3594 m
11791 ft
B Taichung City Shei-Pa Harsh Ten #6[d] Mt.Dajian 20170702.jpg
19 Yunfeng[xi] 3564 m
11693 ft
C Kaohsiung City Yushan Lofty Nine #1[l]
20 Qilaishan[xii] (奇萊山) 3560 m
11680 ft
B Hualien County, Nantou County Taroko Lofty Nine #2[l] MountainChiLai.jpg
21 Malijiananshan[xiii] 3546 m
11634 ft
C+ Nantou County, Hualien County Yushan Rocky Ten #2[i]
22 Nanhubeishan[xiv] (南湖北山) 3536 m
11601 ft
B Yilan County, Taichung City Taroko Majestic Ten #2[j] NorthernNanhuMountain.jpg
23 Daxueshan 3530 m
11581 ft
C Miaoli County, Taichung City Shei-Pa Majestic Ten #3[j] Mt.DaXue 20180422.jpg
24 Pintianshan[xv] 3524 m
11562 ft
B Hsinchu County, Taichung City Shei-Pa Harsh Ten #7[d]
Four Beauties #1[m]
25 Yushan West Peak[xvi] 3518 m
11542 ft
A Chiayi County, Nantou County Yushan Verdant Ten #4[n] JadeMountainWesternPeak.jpg
26 Touyingshan 3510 m
11516 ft
C Taichung City, Miaoli County Shei-Pa Lofty Nine #3[l] Mt.TouYing 20180422.jpg
27 Sanchashan[xvii] 3496 m
11470 ft
A Hualien County, Taitung County, Kaohsiung City Yushan Majestic Ten #3[j] Trigeminal Hill.jpg
28 Dabajianshan[xviii] 3492 m
11457 ft
A Hsinchu County, Miaoli County Shei-Pa Three Spires #2[g] Mt Dabajian-winter view.jpg
29 Nanhushan South Peak (南湖大山南峰) 3475 m
11401 ft
C Taichung City, Hualien County Taroko Rocky Ten #5[i]
30 Dongluandashan 3468 m
11378 ft
C+ Nantou County Eight Beauties #3[e]
31 Wumingshan[xix] 3451 m
11322 ft
C+ Taichung City, Hualien County Taroko Harsh Ten #8[d]
32 Babashan[xx] 3449 m
11316 ft
C Taichung City, Hualien County Taroko Little Eight #1[o]
33 Maxishan[xxi] 3443 m
11296 ft
C+ Hualien County Yushan Majestic Ten #5[j]
34 Hehuanshan North Peak 3422 m
11227 ft
A Nantou County, Hualien County Taroko Majestic Ten #6[j] 合歡北峰草原.JPG
35 Hehuanshan East Peak 3421 m
11224 ft
A Nantou County, Hualien County Taroko Lofty Nine #4[l] Hehuan East Peak.jpg
36 Xiaobajianshan 3418 m
11214 ft
B Miaoli County Shei-Pa Craggy Eight #2[p]
37 Hehuanshan Main Peak 3417 m
11211 ft
A Nantou County Taroko Gentle Ten #3[h] Hehuanshan.jpg
38 South Yushan 3383 m
11099 ft
C Kaohsiung City Yushan Gentle Ten #4[h] South Yushan.JPG
39 Bilushan[xxii] 3371 m
11060 ft
A Hualien County, Nantou County Taroko Narrow Eight #3[q]
40 Zhuoshedashan 3369 m
11053 ft
C Nantou County Lofty Nine #5[l]
41 Qilaishan South Peak (奇萊山南峰) 3358 m
11017 ft
A Nantou County Majestic Ten #7[j] ChiLaiSouthPeak.jpg
42 Nanshuangtoushan 3356 m
11010 ft
C Hualien County, Kaohsiung City Yushan Lofty Nine #6[l]
43 Nenggaoshan South Peak 3349 m
10988 ft
C Nantou County, Hualien County Harsh Ten #9[d]
44 Zhijiayangdashan 3345 m
10974 ft
A Taichung City Shei-Pa Eight Beauties #4[e]
45 Baigudashan[xxiii] 3342 m
10965 ft
B Nantou County, Taichung City Verdant Ten #7[n]
46 Batongguanshan 3335 m
10942 ft
A Nantou County Yushan Craggy Eight #3[p]
47 Xinkangshan[xxiv] 3331 m
10928 ft
C Hualien County Yushan Harsh Ten #10[d]
48 Dandashan 3325 m
10909 ft
C Nantou County, Hualien County Nine Walls #3[r]
49 Taoshan 3325 m
10909 ft
A Hsinchu County, Taichung City Shei-Pa Eight Beauties #5[e]
Four Beauties #2[m]
50 Jiayangshan[xxv] 3314 m
10873 ft
B Taichung City Shei-Pa Craggy Eight #4[p]
51 Huoshishan 3310 m
10860 ft
C Miaoli County, Taichung City Shei-Pa Craggy Eight #5[p] Mt.HuoShi 20180421.jpg
52 Chiyoushan[xxvi] 3303 m
10837 ft
A Hsinchu County, Taichung City Shei-Pa Simple Six #1[s]
Four Beauties #3[m]
53 Yizeshan[xxvii] 3297 m
10817 ft
A Miaoli County, Hsinchu County Shei-Pa Simple Six #2[s]
54 Beinanzhushan 3295 m
10810 ft
C Kaohsiung City, Taitung County Majestic Ten #8[j]
55 Ganzhuowanshan 3284 m
10774 ft
C Nantou County Narrow Eight #4[q]
56 Taroko Mountain 3283 m
10771 ft
C+ Hualien County Taroko Majestic Ten #9[j]
57 Lulushan[xxviii] 3279 m
10758 ft
C Kaohsiung City Yushan Craggy Eight #7[p]
58 Kaxipananshan 3276 m
10748 ft
C+ Hualien County Yushan Remote Nine #4[t]
59 Neilingershan 3275 m
10745 ft
C Hualien County Majestic Ten #10[j]
60 Lingmingshan 3272 m
10735 ft
B Taichung City, Hualien County Taroko Eight Beauties #6[e]
61 Jundashan (郡大山) 3265 m
10712 ft
A Nantou County Yushan Eight Beauties #7[e] Junda Mountain.JPG
62 Nenggaoshan[xxix] (能高山) 3262 m
10702 ft
C Nantou County, Hualien County Lofty Nine #7[l]
Three Highs #3[c]
63 Wandongshan West Peak[xxx] 3258 m
10689 ft
C Nantou County Remote Nine #5[t]
64 Jianshan[xxxi] 3253 m
10673 ft
C Taichung City Shei-Pa Nine Walls #5[r]
65 Pingfengshan 3250 m
10663 ft
B Hualien County Taroko Nine Walls #6[r]
66 Xiaoguanshan 3249 m
10659 ft
C Kaohsiung City, Taitung County Lofty Nine #8[l]
67 Yixiqingmazhishan 3245 m
10646 ft
C+ Hualien County, Nantou County Steep Seven #4[u]
68 Mushan[xxxii] 3241 m
10633 ft
C Nantou County Simple Six #5[s]
69 Yushan Front Peak 3239 m
10627 ft
A Chiayi County, Nantou County Yushan Simple Six #5[s]
70 Shimenshan 3237 m
10620 ft
A Hualien County, Nantou County Taroko Little Eight #2[o] 石門山.JPG
71 Wushuangshan[xxxiii] 3231 m
10600 ft
C+ Nantou County Nine Walls #7[r]
72 Taguanshan[xxxiv] 3222 m
10571 ft
A Taitung County, Kaohsiung City Yushan Steep Seven #5[u]
73 Mabishanshan[xxxv] 3211 m
10535 ft
C Yilan County, Hualien County Taroko Flat Nine #7[f]
74 Dafenjianshan[xxxvi] 3208 m
10525 ft
C Nantou County, Kaohsiung City, Hualien County Yushan Three Spires #3[g]
75 Xueshan East Peak[xxxvii] 3201 m
10502 ft
A Taichung City Shei-Pa Little Eight #3[o] HsuehMountainEastenPeak.jpg
76 Nanhuashan[xxxviii] 3184 m
10446 ft
A Nantou County, Hualien County Narrow Eight #6[q] NanHuaMountain.jpg
77 Guanshanlingshan 3176 m
10420 ft
A Taitung County, Kaohsiung City Yushan Narrow Eight #7[q]
78 Hainuonanshan 3174 m
10413 ft
C Taitung County, Kaohsiung City Gentle Ten #6[h]
79 Zhongxueshan 3173 m
10410 ft
A Miaoli County Shei-Pa Verdant Ten #8[n] Mt.ZhongXue 20180422.jpg
80 Shuanshan 3168 m
10394 ft
A Taichung City Taroko Eight Beauties #8[e]
81 Ganshufeng[xxxix] 3158 m
10361 ft
C+ Hualien County, Taichung City Taroko Little Eight #6[o]
82 Hehuanshan West Peak 3145 m
10318 ft
A Nantou County Taroko Verdant Ten #9[n]
83 Shenmazhenshan[xl] 3141 m
10305 ft
A Yilan County, Taichung City Taroko Contiguous Six #1[v]
84 Kalayeshan[xli] 3133 m
10279 ft
A Hsinchu County, Yilan County Shei-Pa Contiguous Six #2[v]
Four Beauties #4[m]
85 Kuhanuoxinshan 3115 m
10220 ft
A Kaohsiung City Yushan Remote Nine #8[t]
86 Jialishan[xlii] 3112 m
10210 ft
A Miaoli County Shei-Pa Contiguous Six #3[v]
87 Baishishan 3110 m
10203 ft
C Nantou County, Hualien County Steep Seven #6[u]
88 Panshishan[xliii] 3106 m
10190 ft
C Hualien County Taroko Remote Nine #9[t]
89 Patuolushan 3101 m
10174 ft
C Hualien County Taroko Gentle Ten #8[h]
90 Beidawushan[xliv] (北大武山) 3092 m
10144 ft
A Pingtung County, Taitung County Five Greats #5[b]
91 Xiluandashan[xlv] (西巒大山) 3081 m
10108 ft
A Nantou County Steep Seven #7[u] Mt. Xiluanda 20151213.jpg
92 Tafenshan 3070 m
10072 ft
C Hualien County, Kaohsiung City Yushan Craggy Eight #8[p]
93 Liwuzhushan[xlvi] 3069 m
10069 ft
C Hualien County Taroko Rocky Ten #9[i]
94 Andongjunshan[xlvii] 3068 m
10066 ft
C Hualien County, Nantou County Gentle Ten #9[h]
95 Guangtoushan[xlviii] 3060 m
10039 ft
C Nantou County, Hualien County Flat Nine #8[f]
96 Yangtoushan 3035 m
9957 ft
A Hualien County Taroko Narrow Eight #8[q]
97 Bulakesangshan[xlix] 3026 m
9928 ft
C Taitung County, Hualien County Nine Walls #9[r]
98 Jupenshan[l] 3022 m
9915 ft
C+ Nantou County Yushan Contiguous Six #4[v]
99 Liushunshan 2999 m
9839 ft
B Nantou County, Hualien County Flat Nine #9[f]
100 Lushan 2981 m
9780 ft
C Kaohsiung City Yushan Contiguous Six #6[v] Lushan Taiwan.JPG


Designated lists[edit]

  1. ^ The original criteria of height was 10,000 Japanese feet, or 3,030 meters.
  2. ^ a b c d e The Five Greats (五嶽) are the highest in their region, and they include famous mountains such as Yushan and Xueshan. They are a must for all Baiyue hikers.[9]
  3. ^ a b c During the Japanese rule in Taiwan, the Three Highs (三高) had the character of "high" (Kanji: ) in their names, which are rarely used today.
  4. ^ a b c d e f g h i j The Harsh Ten (十峻) are prominent, steep peaks not included in the Five Greats, Three Spires, and One Ogre.[9]
  5. ^ a b c d e f g h The Eight Beauties (八秀) were chosen for their beautiful landscapes, gentle slope, meadows of short bamboo and lack of rock scrambling.[9]
  6. ^ a b c d The Flat Nine (九平) are wide, flat peaks without large rocks or trees, only short bamboo. Comfortable, easy walking.[9][10]
  7. ^ a b c The Three Spires (三尖) are famous for their beauty and conical shape, and have character "Spire" () in their names.[9]
  8. ^ a b c d e f g The Gentle Ten (十潤) have an overall smooth profile, with gentle slopes and little climbing or scrambling needed.[9]
  9. ^ a b c d The Rocky Ten (十巖) have rocky peaks that require scrambling or climbing to summit.[9]
  10. ^ a b c d e f g h i j The Majestic Ten (十崇) were chosen for their size and prominence, wide peaks, gentle slope and serene nature.[9]
  11. ^ Qilaishan North Peak, the One Ogre (一奇 or 一怪), is located along the northern end of the Central Mountain Range's central spine. The ascent is steep and difficult in parts, and the dark fragmented slate covering the western face has earned it the nickname "Black Qilai". Some sources spell Qilai "Chilai".
  12. ^ a b c d e f g h The Lofty Nine (九峨) are tall conspicuous peaks, catching the eye more than neighboring peaks.[9]
  13. ^ a b c d The Four Beauties are also known as the Wuling Sixiu[11] due to their proximity to Wuling Farm. Each of these four peaks has its own unique characteristics. The "Four Beauties" initially chosen by Tian-Cheng Hsing were Chiyoushan, Taoshan, Shilunshan and Kalayeshan, while Pintianshan was listed as one of the Harsh Ten. However, since Shilunshan was not a Baiyue, hikers began recognizing Pintianshan as one of the Four Beauties instead.[12]
  14. ^ a b c d The Verdant Ten have trails that wind through lush green forests of tall, twisting trees and bamboo.[9]
  15. ^ a b c d The Little Eight are small peaks with gentle slopes that can be easily reached as part of a longer trip.[9]
  16. ^ a b c d e f The Craggy Eight (八銳) jut out from the surrounding terrain and are surrounded by cliffs and difficult terrain.[9]
  17. ^ a b c d e The Narrow Eight have long narrow ridgelines with cliffs or steep slopes on both sides.[9]
  18. ^ a b c d e These mountains rise up like a wall, wide and flat, blocking the view of a large area like a screen.[9]
  19. ^ a b c d The Simple Six trails are offshoots from another main trail, short in distance and not very strenuous. They are easy side trips when hiking the parent trail.[9]
  20. ^ a b c d The Remote Nine are on distant offshoots of their mountain range and are not easily combined with other peaks into a single journey.[9]
  21. ^ a b c d Steep mountains with cliffs and loose rocks.[9]
  22. ^ a b c d e The Contiguous Six (六肩稜) are near other high peaks, and can be reached along a ridge that extends down from the higher peak. They have fairly level trails, the peaks are named and there is some sort of survey marker.[9]

Alternative names and other remarks[edit]

  1. ^ Formerly known as Niitakayama, Mt. Morrison; This mountain is the highest point of Nantou County, Kaohsiung City, Chiayi County.
  2. ^ Formerly known as Tsugitakayama, Mt. Sylvia; Highest point of Miaoli County, Taichung City.
  3. ^ Other names: Mahudas Shan, the highest point of Central Mountain Range
  4. ^ Other names: Ulamun Shan, the 2nd highest point of Central Mountain Range
  5. ^ Other names: Yuliyulishan
  6. ^ Highest point of Taitung County
  7. ^ Highest point of Yilan County
  8. ^ Other names: Kayixishan
  9. ^ Other names: Hongyeshan
  10. ^ Other names: Baduowanuominshan
  11. ^ Other names: Cloud Peak
  12. ^ Other names: Qilaishan Main Peak
  13. ^ Other names: Tabilashan
  14. ^ Other names: Bayoushan
  15. ^ Other names: Boqinxilunshan
  16. ^ Other names: Tiancuifeng
  17. ^ Other names: Xiaxueshashan
  18. ^ Other names: Jiutongshan; Highest point of Hsinchu County
  19. ^ Other names: Qusheshan, Gaotianshan
  20. ^ Other names: Nanhunanshan
  21. ^ Other names: Lagashan, Bainanshan
  22. ^ Other names: Lagashan
  23. ^ Other names: Baigoudashan
  24. ^ Other names: Xinguanshan
  25. ^ Other names: Adubanshan
  26. ^ Other names: Yuluofushan
  27. ^ Other names: Jiangzeshan
  28. ^ Other names: Majiangzhizishan
  29. ^ Formerly known as: Noutakayama
  30. ^ Other names: Huoshan
  31. ^ Other names: Xiaojianshan
  32. ^ Other names: Ganzhuowanshan Southeast Peak
  33. ^ Other names: Maxirouganshan
  34. ^ Other names: Daguanshan
  35. ^ Other names: Mameishan
  36. ^ Other names: Jianshan
  37. ^ Other names: Mingjianshan
  38. ^ Other names: Nenggaoshan North Peak
  39. ^ Other names: Central Range Point, Yam Peak
  40. ^ Other names: Yezhenjialuosuishan
  41. ^ Other names: Jialiupingshan
  42. ^ Other names: Maibalabianshan
  43. ^ Other names: Shanyuanshan
  44. ^ Other names: Dawushan; Highest point in Pingtung County
  45. ^ Other names: Luandashan
  46. ^ Other names: Tatsukiri Shan
  47. ^ Other names: Andongjunshan
  48. ^ Other names: Zhiyaganshan
  49. ^ Other names: Wulagusanshan
  50. ^ Other names: Penjushan, Umabungu Shan


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