100 Things Successful People Do

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100 Things Successful People Do
AuthorNigel Cumberland
CountryUnited Kingdom & United States
Subjectself help, leadership, self-development
PublisherJohn Murray Learning, Hodder & Stoughton, Nicolas Brealey, Hachette UK
Publication date
August 11, 2016 (hardcover), May 4, 2017 (paperback),
Media typeHardcover, Paperback, Audiobook and E-book
Pages224 (Hardcover 1st edition)

100 Things Successful People Do: Little Exercises for Successful Living is a self-help guide by Nigel Cumberland.[1][2][3]


The book was published in August 2016 by John Murray Learning in the UK, a part of Hodder & Stoughton (imprint of Hachette UK).[4] The US edition[5] came out in October 2016 published by another Hachette UK imprint, Nicolas Brealey Publishing. The paperback version[6] was published in the UK in May 2017, with a US edition coming out in late 2017. The book has a foreword written by Marshall Goldsmith. It has featured in various suggested reading lists in the mainstream media.[7][8]

Translated editions of the book include in Burmese, Marathi, Japanese, Persian, Dutch,[9] Romanian,[10] Russian,[11] and Slovak.[12] Other translations include into Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese[13] and Bangla.[14]

The book is available to be used in schools for the visually impaired in the United States through the bookshare service.[15]

The book is also available as an audiobook on sites such as Audible.com in the US.[16]

There have been three following books by Cumberland entitled 100 Things Successful Millionaires Do: Little Lessons in Wealth Creation,100 Things Successful Leaders Do: Little Lessons in Leadership and 100 Things Productive People Do, which are also translated into foreign languages and reviewed.[17][18][19][20]


The book's 100 chapters each cover one of the 100 things that the author suggests successful people do in a couple of pages. A reviewer writes: "the book, subtitled Little Exercises For Successful Living, is easily digestible (perhaps even as a tip a day), with each spread over two pages – the first explaining the concept and the second featuring practical exercises and activities to apply it to your life."[21] Another adds: "each secret to success is a powerful reminder of the ways you can make your life – and other's – more satisfied, at work, at home and in your relationships, with your health, wealth and in retirement."[22]


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