105th Regiment Royal Artillery

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105th Regiment Royal Artillery
Allegiance United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Size3 Batteries
Part of1st Artillery Brigade
Garrison/HQArtillery House, Edinburgh
EquipmentL118 Light Gun.

105th Regiment Royal Artillery, sometimes known as The Scottish & Ulster Gunners, is part of the Army Reserve and has sub-units throughout Northern Ireland and Scotland. It is currently equipped with the L118 Light Gun.


The regiment was first formed as the 105 (Scottish) Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers) on 1 April 1986 with its Regimental Headquarters at Artillery House, near Redford Barracks in Edinburgh.[1] Its units were 207 (City of Glasgow) Air Defence Battery at Glasgow, 212 (Highland) Air Defence Battery at Arbroath and 218 (Lothian) Air Defence Battery at Livingston.[1] It was equipped with a succession of missile systems, Blowpipe, Javelin and finally the Starstreak missile until 2005. In 1987 219 (City of Dundee) Air Defence Battery was formed at Dundee and joined the regiment.[1]

After the Options for Change defence review in 1993, 206 (Ulster) Battery transferred to the regiment from 102nd (Ulster) Air Defence Regiment.[1] At that time 219 Battery disbanded and the regiment was renamed 105 Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers). 218 Battery was disbanded in 2005 when the Regiment re roled to field artillery. 105 Regiment was then equipped with the L118 105mm Light Gun.[1]

Under Army 2020, a new battery, 278 (Lowland) Battery Royal Artillery based in Livingston joined this regiment.[2] From 1 March 2015, the regiment paired with 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery.[3]


The batteries are as follows:[1]


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