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The following radio stations broadcast on FM frequency 107.7 MHz:



Canada (Channel 299)[edit]


  • In France this frequency is used by low power transmitters along the motorways/highways to provide traffic information services to drivers. Several networks (e.g. Radio Vinci Autoroutes, Autoroute Info, Sanef 107,7) air their programme on FM 107.7 by low power transmitters, which can only be received on the highways and in a short distance away from the highway. These three stations are all well-known for their frequent traffic reports (every 15 minutes), although the music accounts for 90% of their daily programming, with ten songs per hour.


South Korea[edit]

  • SBS PowerFM


United Kingdom[edit]

  • Kiss Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

United States (Channel 299)[edit]

  • KABD in Ipswich, South Dakota
  • KBMX in Proctor, Minnesota
  • KBPY in Hay Springs, Nebraska
  • KCBN in Hamilton, Texas
  • KCDZ in Twentynine Palms, California
  • KCVK in Otterville, Missouri
  • KDCZ in Saint Charles, Minnesota
  • KFFW-LP in Atwater, California
  • KGCR in Goodland, Kansas
  • KHSQ in Trinidad, California
  • KICD-FM in Spencer, Iowa
  • KIRS in Stockton, Missouri
  • KIST-FM in Carpinteria, California
  • KJAG in Guthrie, Texas
  • KJLL-LP in Hobbs, New Mexico
  • KKOA in Volcano, Hawaii
  • KLAL in Wrightsville, Arkansas
  • KLJA in Georgetown, Texas
  • KLOT-LP in Cat Spring, Texas
  • KMAJ-FM in Topeka, Kansas
  • KMTZ in Walkerville, Montana
  • KNDD in Seattle, Washington
  • KNYO-LP in Fort Bragg, California
  • KOTU-LP in Riddle, Oregon
  • KOUL in Agua Dulce, Texas
  • KPLT-FM in Paris, Texas
  • KPWJ in Kurten, Texas
  • KRXO-FM in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • KSAN (FM) in San Mateo, California
  • KSLZ in Saint Louis, Missouri
  • KSRN in Kings Beach, California
  • KSYZ-FM in Grand Island, Nebraska
  • KTBQ in Nacogdoches, Texas
  • KWVN-FM in Pendleton, Oregon
  • KWXS in Prineville, Oregon
  • KXTQ-FM in Idalou, Texas
  • KZQT in Kettleman City, California
  • KZZF-LP in Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • WACC-LP in Enfield, Connecticut
  • WAIY-LP in Belchertown, Massachusetts
  • WAJP in Perry, Florida
  • WAZA (FM) in Liberty, Mississippi
  • WBKA in Bar Harbor, Maine
  • WCIG in Dallas, Pennsylvania
  • WCIW-LP in Immokalee, Florida
  • WECW in Elmira, New York
  • WEGC in Sasser, Georgia
  • WFCS in New Britain, Connecticut
  • WFSP-FM in Kingwood, West Virginia
  • WFUG-LP in Lehigh Acres, Florida
  • WFXX in Georgiana, Alabama
  • WGBG-FM in Fruitland, Maryland
  • WGNA-FM in Albany, New York
  • WGTY in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • WGWY-LP in Greenville, South Carolina
  • WHFX in Darien, Georgia
  • WHHM-FM in Henderson, Tennessee
  • WHQX in Gary, West Virginia
  • WHSB in Alpena, Michigan
  • WHSL in Lisman, Alabama
  • WIBL in Fairbury, Illinois
  • WIVK-FM in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • WJRP-LP in Calhoun, Georgia
  • WKYN in Mount Sterling, Kentucky
  • WLBX-LP in Decherd, Tennessee
  • WLKK in Wethersfield, New York
  • WLLJ-LP in Cape Coral, Florida
  • WLWR-LP in Marinette, Wisconsin
  • WMES-LP in Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • WMGF in Mount Dora, Florida
  • WMMX in Dayton, Ohio
  • WMOV-FM in Norfolk, Virginia
  • WMQT in Ishpeming, Michigan
  • WMRS in Monticello, Indiana
  • WPFX-FM in Luckey, Ohio
  • WPOV-LP in Vineland, New Jersey
  • WPRW-FM in Martinez, Georgia
  • WQBS-FM in Carolina, Puerto Rico
  • WQUD in Erie, Illinois
  • WRKR in Portage, Michigan
  • WRQW in Cooperstown, Pennsylvania
  • WRRC in Lawrenceville, New Jersey
  • WRWL-LP in Galloway, New Jersey
  • WSEO in Nelsonville, Ohio
  • WSFR in Corydon, Indiana
  • WTPL in Hillsboro, New Hampshire
  • WUHT in Birmingham, Alabama
  • WUKS in Saint Pauls, North Carolina
  • WVCY-FM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • WVEW-LP in Brattleboro, Vermont
  • WVPK-LP in Paducah, Kentucky
  • WVRW in Glenville, West Virginia
  • WWDW in Alberta, Virginia
  • WWRX (FM) in Bradford, Rhode Island
  • WWWT-FM in Manassas, Virginia
  • WXXF in Loudonville, Ohio