107 (number)

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106 107 108
Cardinal one hundred seven
Ordinal 107th
(one hundred and seventh)
Factorization prime
Prime 28th
Divisors 1, 107
Roman numeral CVII
Binary 11010112
Ternary 102223
Quaternary 12234
Quinary 4125
Senary 2556
Octal 1538
Duodecimal 8B12
Hexadecimal 6B16
Vigesimal 5720
Base 36 2Z36

107 (one hundred [and] seven) is the natural number following 106 and preceding 108.

In mathematics[edit]

107 is the 28th prime number. The next prime is 109, with which it comprises a twin prime, making 107 a Chen prime.

Plugged into the equation 2^p - 1, 107 yields 162259276829213363391578010288127, a Mersenne prime. 107 is itself a safe prime.

In other fields[edit]

As "one hundred and seven", it is the smallest positive integer requiring six syllables in English (without the "and" it only has five syllables and seventy-seven is a smaller 5-syllable number).

107 is also:

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