10 Days in Sun City

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10 days in Sun City
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Directed byAdze Ugha
Produced byAyo Makun
Corporate World
Distributed bySilverbird Distributions
Release date
  • 17 June 2017 (2017-06-17) (Nigeria)

10 days in Sun City is a 2017 Nigerian romantic comedy film that premiered on 17 June 2017.[1][2][3] It is owned by a renowned Nigerian comedian Ayodeji Richard Mayokun popularly known as AY, who is the producer and lead character.[4] It was directed by Adze Ugha, written by Kehinde Ogunlola and produced by Ayo Mayokun, Darlington Abuda, Kristy Galliard in conjunction with Corporate World. Entertainment.[3][5] The film is said to be a part of his Akpos adventure series centered on adventure, comedy and romance. Movie scenes were shot both in Lagos and Sun city, Johannesburg, South Africa.[1]

The film tells of an aspiring beauty queen who was brought to stardom and in the process had to pay the price of losing her peace and joy by denouncing her fiancé who happened to be her manager as well. She was on the verge of being enslaved by her God Father when he got dealt with by some of the people he had deprived of the benefits in time past. It explains that true love conquers all irrespective of the barrier or challenges encountered.[5]


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