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1 E6 m - Click on the relevant thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: left is 1e6m, right is 1e13m. Click on information icon bottom-left for description of image. 1 E7 m 1 E8 m 1 E9 m 1 E10 m 1 E11 m 1 E12 m 1 E13 m 1 E14 m 1 E15 m 1 E16 m 1 E17 m
Click on the thumbnail image to jump to the desired order of length magnitude: top-left is 1e6m, lower-right is 1e17m. (Image description)
Objects with size order of magnitude 1e16m: Ten light years (94.6 Pm) radius circle with yellow Vernal Point arrow; Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635), left; Dumbbell Nebula (NGC 6853), right; one light year shell lower right with the smaller Cat's Eye Nebula (NGC_6543) and Barnard 68 adjacent.
1e16m lengths: Ten light years (94.6 Pm) yellow shell; Sirius below right; BL Ceti below left; Proxima and Alpha Centauri upper right; light year shell with Comet 1910 A1's orbit inside top right

To help compare different distances this page lists lengths starting at 1016 m (10 Pm or 66,800 AU, 1.06 light years).

Distances shorter than 10 Pm

  • 15 Pm — 1.59 light years — Possible outer radius of Oort cloud
  • 20 Pm — 2.11 light years — maximum extent of influence of the Sun's gravitational field
  • 30.9 Pm — 3.26 light years — 1 parsec
  • 39.9 Pm — 4.22 light years — Distance to Proxima Centauri (nearest star to Sun)
  • 81.3 Pm — 8.59 light years — Distance to Sirius

Distances longer than 100 Pm

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