10th Army (Wehrmacht)

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10. Armee
10th Army
Insignia of the German 10. Armee (Wehrmacht).svg
Insignia of the 10th Army of the Wehrmacht.
ActiveAugust 6, 1939 – October 10, 1939
August 15, 1943 – May 2, 1945
DisbandedOctober 10, 1939
May 2, 1945
Country Nazi Germany
EngagementsWorld War II

The 10th Army (German: 10. Armee) was a World War II field army of Wehrmacht (Germany).

A new 10th Army was activated in 1943 as part of Adolf Hitlers last stand, who saw action notably in late 1943 and early 1944 along the "Winter Line" at the Battle of San Pietro Infine and the Battle of Monte Cassino, before finally surrendering near the Alps. Among its troops at Cassino were the XIV Panzer Corps and Parachute divisions of the Luftwaffe.[1]


No. Commander Took office Left office Time in office
Walter von Reichenau
Reichenau, WalterGeneraloberst
Walter von Reichenau
6 August 193910 October 193965 days
Heinrich von Vietinghoff
Vietinghoff, HeinrichGeneraloberst
Heinrich von Vietinghoff
15 August 194324 October 19441 year, 70 days
Joachim Lemelsen
Lemelsen, JoachimGeneral der Panzertruppe
Joachim Lemelsen
24 October 194415 February 1945114 days
Traugott Herr
Herr, TraugottGeneral der Panzertruppe
Traugott Herr
15 February 19452 May 194576 days

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