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10th century BC

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The 10th century BC comprises the years from 1000 BC to 901 BC. This period followed the Late Bronze Age collapse in the Near East, and the century saw the Early Iron Age take hold there. The Greek Dark Ages which had come about in 1200 BC continued. The Neo-Assyrian Empire is established towards the end of the 10th century BC. In the Iron Age in India, the Vedic period is ongoing. In China, the Zhou dynasty is in power. Bronze Age Europe continued with Urnfield culture. Japan was inhabited by an evolving hunter-gatherer society during the Jōmon period.

The world in the 10th century BC

Map of the Eastern Hemisphere in 1000 BC.
The world in 1000 BCE.


Gold burial mask of Pharaoh Psusennes I, discovered 1940 by Pierre Montet.

Late 10th century BC:

Sovereign states


See: List of sovereign states in the 10th century BC.


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