10th Day

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10th Day
10th day, Poster eng.jpg
Film poster
Directed byVassilis Mazomenos
Produced byVassilis Mazomenos
Screenplay byVassilis Mazomenos
StarringAli Haidari
Music byAlexandros Christaras, Mixalis Nivolianitis Dna (Greek Musical Collective)
CinematographyGeorge Papandrikopoulos
Edited byYiannis Kostavaras
Running time

10th day (Greek: "10η μέρα") is a 2012 Greek feature film by the Greek director, writer and producer Vassilis Mazomenos.[1] It was released on November 2013 in Athens.[2]


The film refers to Ali, an Afghan Muslim, who lives in Athens Greece. He is trying to get access to the western dream, surrounded by memories of his homeland, his trip to Europe and his «nightmares».


  • Ali Haidari as Ali
  • Ioli Demetriou as his Girlfriend
  • Mahdi Gorbani as Mahdi
  • Hosin Ahmadi as Abas
  • Nicos Arvanitis as Man
  • Dina Avagianou as Woman
  • Vassilis Koukalani as Driver
Vassilis Mazomenos movie "10th day" .

Festivals and awards[edit]

The film was awarded in 2013 with the best film, best direction, best photography award in London Greek Film Festival (U.K.), the Jury's special award in the Panorama of European Cinema in Athens and the Special award in Cyprus International Film Festival.It was official selection in Montreal World Film Festival, Fantasporto and many other festivals. In 2013 it was nominated for the Editing, Sound design and Special effects prizes in the Hellenic Film Academy Awards.[3] In 2014 "10th day" represented Greece in E.U Humans Rights Film Festival in Turkey.[4] In 2015 was nominated for the "Antonioni award" in BLOW-UP · Chicago International Arthouse FILM FEST (U.S.A.)


As Ninos Mikelides wrote: "Mazomenos records the route of his tragic hero through images selected with thought, images artistically wonderful, with lightings that clearly present the psychological state of the persons. The route of the Afghan immigrant gives the director the opportunity to present us cared and inspired pictures of the sad life of immigrants in our country, to conclude with the amazing, shocking images in the finale. Mazomenos managed with that to give us a strong film".[5]

Makis Laktaridis wrote: "Vassilis Mazomenos, the most ”weird" than all Greek directors of his generation, leaves aside for the moment his artistic experimentation (he was the first to use digital technology to create cinematic collage in Greek cinema) and his influence from the early German expressionism and narrates a real story, the way it happens today. Next to us. It’s not a work of complaint, nor attempt to create easy and inexpensive emotion. The universe of Mazomenos is basically poetic, even when looking through the dark heart of the beast . That makes the beast neither less hideous, nor less scary".[6]


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