1144 Oda

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1144 Oda [1]
Discovered by Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth
Discovery date 1930-Jan-28
Orbital characteristics
Epoch Orbital Elements at Epoch 2454400.5 (2007-Oct-27.0) TDB
Aphelion 4.1070017 AU
Perihelion 3.3927665 AU
3.7498841 AU
Eccentricity 0.0952343
2652.3156742 days
7.26 years
4.27622 °
Inclination 9.74146 °
156.79789 °
219.68639 °
Physical characteristics
Dimensions diameter 57.59
10.00 mag

1144 Oda is an outer main belt asteroid orbiting the Sun. Approximately 58 kilometers in diameter, it makes a revolution around the Sun once every 7 years. It was discovered by Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth on January 28, 1930.[1] Reinmuth had discovered so many minor planets that he had trouble thinking of proper names for the numbered ones, and so he selected girl's names from the calendar Der Lahrer hinkende Bote. These names do not have any connections with his contemporaries. The asteroid's provisional designation was 1930 BJ.[2]


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