118 Avenue, Edmonton

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118 Avenue
118 Avenue, Edmonton is located in Edmonton
118 Avenue, Edmonton
118 Avenue, Edmonton
118 Avenue, Edmonton
118 Avenue, Edmonton
Start/End points of west and east segments of 118 Avenue.
Maintained byCity of Edmonton
LocationEdmonton, Alberta

118 Avenue (Westside)

Length7.6 km (4.7 mi)
West end184 Street
170 Street, 156 Street, 149 Street, 142 Street, St. Albert Trail, 127 Street, 124 Street
East end121 Street / Kingsway

118 Avenue (Eastside)

Length8.5 km (5.3 mi)
West end109 Street
Princess Elizabeth Avenue, 97 Street, 82 Street, Wayne Gretzky Drive, 66 Street, 50 Street
East endYellowhead Trail / Victoria Trail
Alberta Avenue welcome sign at 118 Avenue & 101 Street.

118 Avenue is the designated name of two major arterial roads in central Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, separated by the Edmonton City Centre Airport. The west side services both an industrial area, and a residential area, while the east 118 Avenue, originally Alberta Avenue, is one of the oldest streets in Edmonton outside the downtown core.[1] The name was changed to 118 Avenue in 1914 with the adoption of the grid system. Historically, it was a route between the City of Edmonton in the west and the Town of Beverly in the east. It is also sometimes called the Avenue of Champions. When Beverly was still a separate community from Edmonton, the portion of Alberta Avenue in Beverly was the central business district. Beverly amalgamated with Edmonton on December 31, 1961.[2] Following the amalgamation, Beverly's central business district went into a period of decline. The avenue boasts several major landmarks, including Northlands and the Coliseum.

Prior to the opening of Yellowhead Trail in the early 1980s, Highway 16 followed 118 Avenue between Edmonton's eastern city limit and Princess Elizabeth Avenue before continuing west on 111 Avenue.[3]

The Alberta Avenue name only applies for the portion from 109 Street to Wayne Gretzky Drive. Alberta Avenue is targeted for revitalization as part of the Alberta Avenue-Eastwood Business Revitalization Zone.


List of neighbourhoods 118 Avenue runs through, in order from west to east:[4]



Major intersections[edit]

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the west end of 118 Avenue.[4] The entire route is in Edmonton.

0.00.0Continues west as 116 Avenue
184 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.20.75178 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.91.2170 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
3.62.2156 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
4.42.7149 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
5.23.2142 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
6.33.9 St. Albert Trail to Hwy 2 north / Groat RoadTraffic circle (traffic lights)
6.94.3127 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
7.24.5124 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
7.64.7121 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights); roadway turns southeast
Continues as Kingsway
1.5 km (0.9 mi) gap in 118 Avenue (former City Centre Airport)
0.00.0109 StreetAt-grade; roadway turns north
0.30.19106 Street (NAIT Way)At-grade (traffic lights)
Princess Elizabeth Avenue / 102 Street / 101 Street6 exit traffic circle
1.00.62 97 Street to Hwy 28 northAt-grade (traffic lights)
1.30.8195 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
2.61.682 Street (to Fort Road south)At-grade (traffic lights)
2.91.880 Street (to Fort Road north)At-grade (traffic lights)
3.22.0Passes under Coliseum station
Wayne Gretzky Drive – Northlands Coliseum, NorthlandsSplit intersection (traffic lights)
4.22.666 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
4.93.0 50 Street to Hwy 15 northAt-grade (traffic lights)
7.54.734 StreetAt-grade (traffic lights)
Yellowhead Trail (Hwy 16)Partial cloverleaf interchange (traffic lights); exit 397 on Hwy 16
Continues north as Victoria Trail
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Closed/former
  •       Route transition

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