11 Transistor

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11 Transistor
Lazlo Bane - 11 Transistor.jpg
Studio album by Lazlo Bane
Released January 28, 1997
Recorded 1995-1996, Cheswick Studio, LA, CA
Genre Alternative rock, Indie rock
Length 45:12
Label Almo Sounds
Producer Chad Fischer
Lazlo Bane chronology
Short Style
11 Transistor
All the Time in the World
Singles from 11 Transistor
  1. "Buttercup"
    Released: 1996
  2. "Overkill"
    Released: 1997
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

11 Transistor is the debut album by the band Lazlo Bane, which was released on the Almo Sounds label in early 1997.[2][3] The album was released on CD and cassette and is the only Lazlo Bane album that is currently not available in digital download format.


The album was recorded through 1995 and 1996. According to Lazlo Bane's frontman Chad Fischer most of the record was done on 16 tracks with very few effects with all the songwriting done on an acoustic guitar into a little dictaphone. He also said that the idea was to work with as little as possible and make it sound the best it could, just like old transistor radios.[4][5]

11 Transistor features 12 songs, including all the songs from the band's debut release, Short Style EP. Several artists made guest appearances on the album, with the most notable being Colin Hay who provides guitar and vocals for Lazlo Bane's version of Men at Work's "Overkill".[6]

Release and promotion[edit]

Lazlo Bane was initially signed to an indie label Fish of Death Records[7] and released the song "Buttercup" as a single on vinyl backed with "Overkill".[8]

After signing with Almo Sounds "Buttercup" was included in 1996 promo album titled Swagalicious,[9] which was compiled of the tracks from artists signed to Almo Sounds, Geffen Records, DreamWorks Records and Outpost Recordings. "Overkill" was shifted to the A-side and released as single in some territories in 1997 and 1998, while "I'll Do Everything" was released as promo single in 1997.

Music video for "Overkill" featuring Colin Hay was also released.[4][5][10]

The band went on tour in support of the album later in 1997.[4][5]


In the review for the Miami New Times, Steven Almond described the album having "great hooks, slinky beats, quirky lyrics" noting, that "the band's playful spirit is best captured on the exuberant opener "I'll Do Everything"". He also called the ballads "dependably entrancing, built around Fischer's mournful melodies and spiced with just enough rhythmic muscle to keep the proceedings from turning maudlin".[11]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I'll Do Everything" Chad Fischer / Jon Simon 3:21
2. "Wax Down Wings" Fischer 4:05
3. "Flea Market Girl" Fischer / Kevin Hunter 3:56
4. "Buttercup" Fischer / Lyle Workman 3:44
5. "1975" Fischer 2:50
6. "View From The Pavement" Fischer / Workman 4:26
7. "Sleep" Fischer 4:52
8. "Novakane" Fischer 2:37
9. "Last Black Jelly Bean" Fischer 2:12
10. "Overkill" (feat. Colin Hay) Colin Hay 4:14
11. "Midday Train" Fischer / Anders Rundblad 3:55
69. "Prada Wallet" (hidden track) Fischer / Josh Clayton-Felt / Hunter 1:12
  • On original 11 Transistor US CD "Midday Train" is followed by 57 silent tracks 4 seconds each, making "Prada Wallet" 69th track overall, which starts after 3:48 of silence.


  • Lazlo Bane – primary artist
  • Jon Simon – guitar and bass on "I'll Do Everything"
  • Kevin Hunter – guitar and bass on "Flea Market Girl"
  • Princess Fresse – drums on "Buttercup" and "Prada Wallet"
  • Lyle Workman – guitar and bass on "Buttercup" and "View From The Pavement"
  • Colin Hay – guitar and vocals on "Overkill"
  • David Dale – guitar on "Overkill"
  • Dave Collins – mastering
  • Tony Phillips – mixing
  • Chad Fischer – engineer
  • Jeff Robinson – assistant engineer

Additional personnel[edit]

  • Jill Berliner – legal
  • Keryn Kaplan – management
  • Paul McGuinness – management
  • Paul Kremen – artist & repertoire
  • Mary Lynne Barbis – art direction, design
  • Patrick Raske – art direction, design
  • Mary Kocol – photography
  • William Howard – photography
  • Lauren Lambert – photography
  • Molly Amanda Rubin – photography[12]


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