11th Milestone, Isle of Man

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11th Milestone
025 11thmilestone.jpg
The 'Garrow' metal 13th Milestone on the A3 Castletown to Ramsey Road at the 11th Milestone ('Drinkwater's Bend').
Coordinates54°14′43″N 4°35′48″W / 54.24528°N 4.59667°W / 54.24528; -4.59667Coordinates: 54°14′43″N 4°35′48″W / 54.24528°N 4.59667°W / 54.24528; -4.59667
11th Milestone, Isle of Man is located in Isle of Man
11th Milestone, Isle of Man
Location of 11th Milestone in Isle of Man
Cronk y Voddy Straight looking in the direction of Glen Helen

11th Milestone, Isle of Man (previously 'Drinkwater's Bend') [1] is situated between the 11th and 12th Milestone racing road-side markers on the Snaefell Mountain Course used for the Isle of Man TT races on the primary A3 Castletown to Ramsey Road which forms the boundary between the parishes of German and Michael in the Isle of Man.

The distinctive elongated S-bend corner was part of the Highland Course and Four Inch Course used for the Gordon Bennett Trial and Tourist Trophy automobile car races held in the Isle of Man between 1904 and 1922. The 11th Milestone was part of the St John's Short Course used between 1907 and 1910 and part of the Snaefell Mountain Course used since 1911 for the Isle of Man TT Races and from 1923 the Manx Grand Prix Races.

During the 1949 350 cc Junior TT race the popular amateur racer Ben Drinkwater crashed fatally at this point and the corner became known as Drinkwater's Bend, although subsequently the name became disused.

The corner was subjected to road surface repair work and re-profiling during the winter of 2005/2006 by the Department of Transport.


The area is dominated by the Ballamenagh and Shoughlaige-e-Caine farmland. During 1850s, the primary A3 Road Castletown to Ramsey was re-profiled between Cronk-y-Voddy and Handley's Corner under the Isle of Man parish board system.[2] This was to avoid marshland and steep inclines creating the distinctive elongated S-bend.

The original stone 11th milestone was sited at the corner café at Glen Helen. An iron milestone[3] from the 1860s during the period of James Garrow as Isle of Man Surveyor-General[4] is now situated at the northerly end of the former 'Drinkwater's Bend' as the 13th Milestone on the primary A3 Castletown to Ramsey Road.[5]

The current site of the 11th marker post or 11th Milestone road marker for the Snaefell Mountain Course has been placed at Cronk Bane Farmhouse on the Cronk-y-Voddy straight.


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