11th Mississippi Infantry Monument

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11th Mississippi Infantry Statue
historic district contributing structure
Gettysburg Battlefield (3441594052).jpg
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
County Adams
NPS unit &
Gettysburg NMP
Coordinates 39°49′11″N 77°14′49″W / 39.819641°N 77.247065°W / 39.819641; -77.247065Coordinates: 39°49′11″N 77°14′49″W / 39.819641°N 77.247065°W / 39.819641; -77.247065
Completed 2000 (Bill Beckworth)[2]
Historic District
MPS approved
Gettysburg (75000155)
MN833/228965:42 [3]
Database webpages: hscl, HMdb, StoneSentinels, GettysburgSculptures

The 11th Mississippi Infantry Statue[3] is a Gettysburg Battlefield memorial commemorating a Confederate regiment with a bronze sculpture of a flagbearer.


The 2nd South Carolina String Band performed at the dedication.[4]


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