1268 Cilicia earthquake

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1268 Cilicia earthquake
1268 Cilicia earthquake is located in Turkey
1268 Cilicia earthquake
Date 1268
Magnitude 7.0 (est.)
Epicenter 37°30′N 35°30′E / 37.5°N 35.5°E / 37.5; 35.5Coordinates: 37°30′N 35°30′E / 37.5°N 35.5°E / 37.5; 35.5
Areas affected Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, Ilkhanate, Principality of Antioch
Tsunami none
Casualties over 60,000 dead (est.)[1]

The Cilicia earthquake occurred northeast of the city of Adana in 1268. Over 60,000 people perished in the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia in southern Asia Minor.[2][3]


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