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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1290 kHz:[1] 1290 AM is a Regional broadcast frequency[2]

In Argentina[edit]

In Canada[edit]

  • CFRW in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • CJBK in London, Ontario

In Mexico[edit]

In the United States[edit]

  • KALM in Thayer, Missouri
  • KAZA (AM) in Gilroy, California
  • KBMO in Benson, Minnesota
  • KCUB (AM) in Tucson, Arizona
  • KDMS in El Dorado, Arkansas
  • KGVO (AM) in Missoula, Montana
  • KIVY (AM) in Crockett, Texas
  • KJEF in Jennings, Louisiana
  • KKDD in San Bernardino, California
  • KMMM in Pratt, Kansas
  • KOIL in Omaha, Nebraska
  • KOUU in Pocatello, Idaho
  • KOWB in Laramie, Wyoming
  • KPAY in Chico, California
  • KRGE in Weslaco, Texas
  • KUMA (AM) in Pendleton, Oregon
  • KUOA in Siloam Springs, Arkansas
  • KWFS (AM) in Wichita Falls, Texas
  • KZSB in Santa Barbara, California
  • WBTG (AM) in Sheffield, Alabama
  • WCBL (AM) in Benton, Kentucky
  • WCHK (AM) in Canton, Georgia
  • WDZY in Colonial Heights, Virginia
  • WFBG in Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • WHIO (AM) in Dayton, Ohio
  • WHKY (AM) in Hickory, North Carolina
  • WIRL in Peoria, Illinois
  • WJBI in Batesville, Mississippi
  • WJCV in Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • WJNO in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • WKBK in Keene, New Hampshire
  • WKLB (AM) in Manchester, Kentucky
  • WKLJ in Sparta, Wisconsin
  • WLBY in Saline, Michigan
  • WNBF in Binghamton, New York
  • WNIL in Niles, Michigan
  • WNWW in West Hartford, Connecticut
  • WOPP in Opp, Alabama
  • WPCF in Panama City Beach, Florida
  • WRPA (AM) in Providence, Rhode Island
  • WTKS (AM) in Savannah, Georgia
  • WTYL (AM) in Tylertown, Mississippi
  • WVOW (AM) in Logan, West Virginia
  • WWHM in Sumter, South Carolina
  • WWTX in Wilmington, Delaware
  • WXKL in Sanford, North Carolina
  • WYEA in Sylacauga, Alabama
  • WYLY in Bellaire, Ohio
  • WZTI in Greenfield, Wisconsin

In Uruguay[edit]

  • CX 38 Emisora del Sur in Montevideo


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