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Timeline of Scottish history
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Events from the year 1291 in the Kingdom of Scotland.



  • January - Antony Bek Bishop of Durham, arrives in Scotland on a diplomatic mission.
  • May - King Edward I of England arrives at Norham, Northumberland, England and sends correspondence to the Guardians, Scots nobility demanding that his claim of feudal overlordship of Scotland be recognised.[1]
  • 3 June - English army musters at Norham.
  • 6 June - Guardians and Scots nobility agree on terms to have Edward I arbitrate over the selection of the next King of Scotland, amongst the competitors.
  • 6 June - Realm and principal royal castles of Scotland, placed in temporary control of Edward I.
  • 13 June - Guardians and Scots nobility swear fealty to Edward I at Upsettlington, on the river bank opposite Norham Castle. This was followed later by swearing of fealty at Perth, Ayr, Inverness and Galloway.


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