12th CPLP Summit

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XII Conference of Heads of State & Government of the CPLP
12th CPLP Summit
XII Cimeira da CPLP.jpg
The 12th CPLP Summit; Ilha do Sal, 2018.
Host country Cape Verde
Dates17–18 July 2018
CitiesIlha do Sal
Follows11th CPLP Summit
Precedes13th CPLP Summit

The VII Conference of Heads of State and Government of the CPLP (Portuguese: Conferência de Chefes de Estado e de Governo da CPLP), commonly known as the 7th CPLP Summit (VII Cimeira da CPLP) was the 7th biennial meeting of heads of state and heads of government of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, held on the Ilha do Sal, in Cabo Verde, on 17–18 July 2018.[1]


The summit elected Ambassador Francisco Ribeiro Telles of Portugal to serve as CPLP Executive Secretary.[2]


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