12th National People's Congress

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12th National People's Congress
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13th →
5 March 2013 – 5 March 2018
(5 years, 0 days)
TypeHighest organ of state power
ElectionNational elections
ChairmanZhang Dejiang
Vice ChairmenLi Jianguo, Wang Shengjun, Chen Changzhi, Yan Junqi, Wang Chen, Shen Yueyue, Ji Bingxuan, Zhang Ping, Qiangba Puncog, Arken Imirbaki, Wan Exiang, Zhang Baowen, and Chen Zhu
Secretary-GeneralWang Chen
Standing Committee166 (12th)
Total2,987 members
12th National People's Congress
Simplified Chinese第十二届全国人民代表大会
Traditional Chinese第十二屆全國人民代表大會
Simplified Chinese第十二届全国人大
Traditional Chinese第十二屆全國人大
12th National People's Congress

The 12th National People's Congress (NPC) was elected in national congressional conferences from October 2012 to February 2013 and was in session from 2013 to 2018. It succeeded the 11th National People's Congress. It held five plenary sessions in this period, occurring around early March every year. It was succeeded by the communing of the 13th National People's Congress.[1]

Seat distribution[edit]

Major party General Secretary Seats
Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping 2,157
Other Parties Chairperson Seats
Chinese Peasants' and Workers' Democratic Party Sang Guowei 830
Jiusan Society Han Qide
China Democratic League Zhang Baowen
China Association for Promoting Democracy Yan Junqi
China National Democratic Construction Association Chen Changzhi
Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang Wan Exiang
Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League Lin Wenyi
China Zhi Gong Party Wan Gang
Independents N/A

The first session[edit]

The first session was held in March 2013. All top national posts were up for election and were filled.

NPCSC Chairman Election NPCSC Secretary-general Election
Candidates For Against Abstain Candidates For Against Abstain
Zhang Dejiang 2,952 5 4 Wang Chen 2,923 30 7
Zhang Ping 1 0 0
Presidential Election Vice-Presidential Election
Candidates For Against Abstain Candidates For Against Abstain
Xi Jinping 2,952 1 3 Li Yuanchao 2,839 80 37
Liu Yunshan 2 0 0
Li Hongzhong 1 0 0
Wang Yang 1 0 0
Yuan Chunqing 1 0 0
Pan Yiyang 1 0 0
CMC Chairmanship Election Premierial Election
Candidates For Against Abstain Candidates For Against Abstain
Xi Jinping 2,955 1 3 Li Keqiang 2,940 3 6
Supreme Court President Election Procurator-general Election
Candidates For Against Abstain Candidates For Against Abstain
Zhou Qiang 2908 26 23 Cao Jianming 2,933 18 5
Wu Aiying 2 0 0
Wang Shengjun 1 0 0 Chen Yunlong 1 0 0
Qi Qi 1 0 0 Cai Xueen 1 0 0

The second session[edit]

The second session was held in March 2014.

The third session[edit]

The third session was held in March 2015.

The fourth session[edit]

The fourth session was held in March 2016.

The fifth session[edit]

The fifth session was held in March 2017.


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