12 Regiment Royal Artillery

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12 Regiment Royal Artillery
Allegiance United Kingdom
Branch British Army
RoleGround Based Air Defence
Size5 Batteries
506 personnel[1]
Part of7 Air Defence Group
Garrison/HQBaker Barracks, Thorney Island
Nickname(s)The Lancashire & Cumbrian Gunners
EquipmentStarstreak missile
An HVM Stormer from 9 Bty. 12 Regt RA searching for enemy aircraft during an exercise in Germany

12 Regiment Royal Artillery is a regiment of the Royal Artillery in the British Army. It currently serves in the air defence role, and is equipped with the Starstreak missile.


The regiment was established in 1947 when 7th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery, was retitled 12th Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery.[2] It was deployed to Palestine that year, to Libya in 1948 and Trieste in 1950.[2] It also saw action in Malaya in 1963 and Borneo in 1964.[2] Units saw tours in Northern Ireland during the Troubles in 1971, 1974, 1977, 1979 and 1988.[2] T Battery and 9 Battery were sent to the South Atlantic during the Falklands War in 1982.[2] T Battery and 58 Battery saw action during the Gulf War in 1991.[2] December 1996 saw G Troop, 58 Battery, deploy to Cyprus for 6 months with 32 Regiment Royal Artillery. The remainder of 58 Battery deployed to Bosnia with 4 Regiment Royal Artillery as a part of SFOR. 12 Regiment Royal Artillery deployed complete for 6 months to South Armagh, Northern Ireland, 1998. January 2003 saw 12 Regiment deploy to South Kent for fire fighting duties covering the fire strike during that period and shortly after 12 Battery Group was created from elements of 12, 9 & 58 Battery's and deployed for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.[2]T Headquarter Battery also separately deployed its Divisional Air Defence Cell to support Divisional Headquarters. Once warfighting had completed 12 Battery Group reformed as 12 Regiment Royal Artillery under T Headquarter Battery to carry out a peace keeping role in the Basra area. 58 Battery deployed to Belfast, Northern Ireland, as part of Operation Faction in 2004

In January 2008, the regiment moved to the Baker Barracks, Thorney Island, upon its return from Germany.[2]

Under Army 2020 Refine, T Battery was re-roled from the headquarters battery to form a further Stormer HVM battery while 170 (Imjin) Battery was brought out of suspended animation to take their place as headquarters battery.[3] The Regiment is currently part of 7 Air Defence Group.

Batteries as of 2014[edit]

The batteries are as follows:[4]


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