12th Street and Washington and 12th Street and Jefferson (Eastlake Park) (Metro Light Rail station)

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12th Street and Washington and 12th Street and Jefferson (Eastlake Park)
METRO Light Rail Eastlake Park Westbound Station.jpg
Washington at 12th Street, westbound portion of Eastlake Park Station during the grand opening, December 27, 2008
Location Jefferson Street (eastbound) and Washington Street (westbound) at 12th Street
Owned by Valley Metro (Phoenix)
Line(s) METRO Light Rail
Disabled access Yes
Opened Dec 27, 2008
Preceding station   Valley Metro   Following station
Metro Light Rail
toward Mesa Drive

Washington at 12th Street (also known as Eastlake Park) is a light rail station on METRO Light Rail in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. It is the fourteenth stop westbound and the fifteenth stop eastbound on the initial 20 mile starter line. This station is split between two platforms, the westbound platform which is located on Washington Street at 12th Street and the eastbound platform located on Jefferson Street at 12th Street, approximately 500 feet apart from one another.


Weekday Rail Passengers[1]
Year In Out Average Daily In Average Daily Out
2009 126,286 128,444 497 506
2010 135,497 139,326 536 551

Notable places nearby[edit]

The eastbound platform of Eastlake Park Station, located on Jefferson Street about 500 feet south of the westbound platform
  • Eastlake Park
  • Phoenix Fire Department Headquarters
  • Immaculate Heart Church
  • First Institutional Baptist Church
  • New Times
  • Shaw Elementary School

Bus connections[edit]

  • 1, 15, SR-51 Rapid [2]

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Coordinates: 33°26′51.50″N 112°3′23.00″W / 33.4476389°N 112.0563889°W / 33.4476389; -112.0563889