1310 in Ireland

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List of years in Ireland

Events from the year 1310 in Ireland.


  • Áed Bréifnech Ó Conchobair killed by Seónac Mac Uidilín, officer of his mercenaries, at the instigation of Sir William Laith de Burgh.
  • Fedlimid mac Áed mac Eógan Ó Conchobhair installed as King of Connacht by Máelruanaid Mac Diarmata (Mac Dermott) at Carnfree with full ancient ceremony
  • Ó Ragallaig and Mac Mathgamna campaign in Airgialla
  • January–June – trial of Knights Templar in Dublin
  • February 9 Parliament at Kilkenny. Law passed against reception of Irishmen as members of Anglo-Irish religious houses
  • after March 24 Parliament at Kildare
  • Earl of Ulster builds castle at Sligo




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