1350s BC

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Millennium: 2nd millennium BC
Centuries: 15th century BC14th century BC13th century BC
Decades: 1380s BC 1370s BC 1360s BC1350s BC1340s BC 1330s BC 1320s BC
Years: 1359 BC 1358 BC 1357 BC 1356 BC 1355 BC 1354 BC 1353 BC 1352 BC 1351 BC 1350 BC
1350s BC-related

1350 BC- The Yellowstone Caldera erupted in 1350 BC. With an elevation of 3,142 this sometimes referred to as the Yellowstone supervolcano, became this biggest volcanic eruption ever documented. This massive and at-one time extreamely destructive volcano is located in Yellowstone national parks and in the mountain range of the Rocky Mountains.

Events and trends[edit]

A tomb painting depicting musicians, painted in Thebes, Egypt approximately 1350 BC