136th Rifle Division

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136th Rifle Division
Active 1939–1945
Country Soviet Union
Allegiance Red Army
Branch Infantry
Size Division

The 136th Rifle Division was a division in the Red Army during World War II. It was formed three times.

1st Formation[edit]

1939 – February 1942: On 22 June 1941 it was part of the 23rd Rifle Corps of the Transcaucasian Military District.[1] Redesignated 15th Guards Rifle Division in 1942.

2nd Formation[edit]

  • February 1942 – January 1943: Formed from the 8th Rifle Brigade. Redesignated 63rd Guards Rifle Division on January 19, 1943.

3rd Formation[edit]

February 1943 – May 1945: Formed February 1943. The division disbanded in summer 1945 as part of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. [2]


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