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Chak 139 RB Ghammi is a village in Chak Jhumra Tehsil in the Faisalabad District in Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It lies 4 kilometers from Salarwala and 12 kilometers away from Sangla Hill. The village is the administrative center of Union Council 5 of Jhumra Tehsil, it has a population of 3,257.[1]

The village was established when the Chatha people arrived to dig the Canal Rakh Branch in 1890. They came from Gurdaspur, however, they can be traced back to Gujaranwala. The village has the classical traditions of the British era and some elements of post partition of 1947. The English government established three graveyards, one for Christians, one for Muslims and one for Ahmdies beside two areas of Shamshan Ghats, one for Sikhs and one for Hindus. The village once had a minority population of Hindus who migrated to India in 1947.


The village hosts a Government Middle School for boys and a High School for girls. The Dehi Markaz Health Facility was established by the Punjab Government in 1988 and it has 25 beds. The village has two mosques (one Ahmdiya mosque), two Churches and one Imam Bargah. The village has access to typical utilities. A majority of the residents are farmers, but the village also has school teachers, soldiers and police.[citation needed]


Football is a favorite game of the people of this village. Some young boys play cricket, and kabaddi.


Chief ethnicity of people in this village is Jatt Chatha.However people of other ethnicites are present as minority groups such as Bazigar.

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Coordinates: 31°34′00″N 73°11′00″E / 31.566667°N 73.183333°E / 31.566667; 73.183333