13 West Street

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13 West Street
13 West Street .jpg
Directed by Philip Leacock
Based on The Tiger Among Us (1957) by Leigh Brackett
Starring Alan Ladd
Rod Steiger
Ladd Enterprises
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates
Country  United States

13 West Street is a 1962 film drama starring Alan Ladd.[1] It was based on the novel The Tiger Among Us (1957) by Leigh Brackett, who called the film "very, very dull".[2]


For no discernible reason, scientist Walt Sherill is assaulted and viciously beaten by a group of well-dressed young men. When the police, including investigating officer Detective Koleski, are in his opinion too slow in finding the culprits, Sherill decides to go after them on his own.

A private investigator's work leads him to Chuck Landry, the gang's leader. Sherill's non-stop search for revenge causes one member of the gang to commit suicide. Landry counters by kidnapping Sherill's wife, Tracey, and the private eye is killed.

Sherill goes directly to the boy's home and beats him savagely. On the verge of killing him, Sherill finally relents, turning Landry over to Koleski to be placed under arrest.



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