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Events from the 1410s in England.


MonarchHenry IV (to 20 March 1413), Henry V


  • 1410
    • Owain Glyndŵr continues his rebellion against England,[1] although a costly English raid into rebel-held Shropshire is believed to have led to the capture of a number of rebel leaders.
  • 1411
  • 1412
    • May – England allies with the Armagnac party in return for help in regaining control of Aquitaine.[1]
    • Owain Glyndŵr cuts through the King's men and captures, later ransoming, a leading Welsh supporter of King Henry's, Dafydd Gam, in an ambush in Brecon. However, this is the last time that Owain is seen by his enemies.
  • 1413
    • 21 March – Henry V becomes King following the death of his father Henry IV[2] in the "Jerusalem" chamber of Westminster Abbey.
    • 9 April – coronation of King Henry V[1] at Westminster Abbey in a snowstorm.
    • December – body of Richard II of England re-interred at Westminster Abbey as a gesture of reconciliation.[1]
  • 1414
  • 1415
  • 1416
    • 1 May – Hundred Years' War: French fleet blockades Harfleur.[1]
    • 15 August – Hundred Years' War: Harfleur relieved, following a naval battle in the estuary of the Seine.[1]
  • 1417
    • 23 July – Hundred Years' War: Henry V leads an army of 12,000 men on a new invasion of Normandy.[1]
    • 12 August – Henry V begins writing his official correspondence in English, marking the beginning of its restoration as the official language of Government in England.[1]
    • 8 September – Hundred Years' War: English capture Caen.[1]
    • 14 December – Lollard leader John Oldcastle captured and executed.[1]
    • John Capgrave writes Chronicle, a history of England since the creation.[1][3]
  • 1418
  • 1419




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