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146 magnetic balls, arranged to show that 146 is an octahedral number
← 145 146 147 →
Cardinalone hundred forty-six
(one hundred forty-sixth)
Factorization2 × 73
Divisors1, 2, 73, 146
Greek numeralΡΜϚ´
Roman numeralCXLVI

146 (one hundred [and] forty-six) is the natural number following 145 and preceding 147.

In mathematics[edit]

146 is an octahedral number[1] as well as a composite number.

It is a nontotient since there is no integer with 146 coprimes below it, noncototient since there is no integer with 146 natural numbers below it which are not coprime to it, and an untouchable number since there is no integer whose proper divisors add up to 146.

146 is a repdigit in base 8 (222).

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146 is also:

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